Monday, October 26, 2015

Happy Monday!

And it is a happy Monday because I'm not at work!  I had a lovely long weekend - Friday morning we had a small convoy (ok, 2 cars) down to Dayton OH to see my brother and his lovely fiancee and create some shenanigans.

It was pretty unanimous - a skeleton had to go with us so we could play with it.  I took 2 - just because a smaller one is easier to take places.  Here's Al (the big one) and Chuck, ready to go!
 Laurie had way too much fun with Chuck.
 She managed to get 4 truckers to honk at her on the way!  I had to pace them so they had a chance to look over and acknowledge exactly what they were looking at!

 See?  Way too much fun.
 This is just a smidgen of the alcohol that was in our room!  I haven't imbibed like that in a LONG time!
 We shot some movies, too.  Terry needs to send them to me so I can put them on YouTube.
 They went to the pool, but didn't go swimming.

 Chuck at Cracker Barrel.
 We went to the Renaissance Festival on Saturday.  Laurie wanted to go see all the shows, so we ended up splitting up.  I was walking with Mom & Lulu and I saw the camel rides and announced I wanted to do it - so did she!  They are a hell of a lot bonier than horses!  And we watched the jousting.   It's a nice RenFest.  I didn't take any pictures of the cool costumes I saw, since I never would have gotten to look at anything else!   And since the day was calling for rain, the crowds were probably less than on a regular day.  As you can see, we're wearing jackets.  It started to sprinkle rain right before we left - then it downpoured.  Perfect timing !  
Saturday night we went to the Lewisburg Haunted Cave and it was top-notch!  It's in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest haunted house and has won all sorts of awards.  It's in an old mine shaft and they used that to the best advantage. It takes over an hour to go thru!  I won't do any spoilers, other than it was awesome. Oh and only 1 clown and he wasn't even necessary.  He was at the bottom of the seemingly entrance tunnel and was holding up groups so we didn't run into each other (we did anyway but it still worked.)  Totally worth the $16 to get in.

When we came out, there were a couple local police officers there and we ended up stopping and chatting with the one guy for about 15 minutes.  He's worked the cave for the last 8 years and was telling us some great stories.   Totally appreciated the fact that they were there.  

Mmmmm bacon.

 I got a message from Randy Saturday night telling me that Jack had a run-in with a skunk again.  So when I got home last night, he needed another bath.  Randy gave him one, but I have no idea what he even used.  So both dog and house reeked still.  We got some stuff called Skunk-Off and scrubbed him down and used Febreeze where he's been sleeping so it's mostly tolerable in here now.
The kitties were happy to see me.  Here's Chester & Daisy on my lap again.  And Al & Chuck were happy to go back out in the yard with their buddies.
My agenda for today (Randy & Angel are both at work right now) is to grab some lunch, then take stinky boy out to Tillson Street so I can look at the set-ups in daylight.  We thought to go tomorrow night to see it after dark, but Angel has to work, so we'll go when she gets out of dance Wednesday night.  It's getting close to Halloween, so the crowds will be growing!


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