Monday, November 23, 2015

The rest of the weekend!

I broke this up into 2 posts since I actually have like real, applicable titles!

Saturday was the 2nd of our annual craft shows with Mom and my sisters.  I really didn't see much that I wanted.  I got a pair of goofy turkey earrings since I don't have any and finally got Daisy an ornament

And I couldn't resist getting the purple reindeer!    
 I got the red one two years ago and the green one last year.  They're so stinkin' cute!
Afterward, we went to lunch and as usual, planned out who was bringing what to Laurie's house for Thanksgiving.  Randy is still in Arkansas for another week, so Angel & I will head to her house Wednesday evening.  Not sure when we'll come home yet, probably Saturday some time. 

Sunday was the 2nd annual WERK dance Intensive at Miss Angela's dance studio.  It's a full day of instruction by guest teachers and they all seem to really enjoy themselves, even if they work their little butts off.  I did take pictures again, almost 900 of them!  And since I was the photographer, I got to take as many of my own kid as I wanted!  These are my favorites. 


She's really not working with another injury - the knee brace is to protect it this time.  She's come home from class several times already with big nasty bruises from floor work.  Knocking on wood, she's sound!  Altho I did take her into the doctor last week because she said she was still getting a stabbing pain in her side every so often.  Usually when she was lying on her side of sitting a certain way.  The doc ran tests as a precaution and poked & prodded her, but came to the conclusion it's her posture and she literally IS being stabbed, by her rib!  So when she sits up straight, the pain goes away.  She has no body fat as padding, so it's all on how she carries herself. 

Man, I was almost as tired as her when the day was over.  I was wearing boots that aren't good for standing / walking for 9+ hours and my knee was acting up still.  We got home and both took aspirin and laid down for a while.  After a while, Angel texted me from the living room and asked about dinner.  It was clearly something that needed to be brought to us, so I ordered pizza. 

The Friday after Thanksgiving we have tickets to Huckleberry RR for the Christmas tree lighting.  That'll be pretty fun. There will be caroling and fireworks and such.  I'm sure we'll do a craft, which means I need to go brush the snow off the old pallet fence I made for Halloween a few years ago and cut pieces so we can paint Naughty / Nice signs. I'll take a couple nutcrackers I have that need some attention, repairs and / or paint, etc.  And we'll visit and have a few adult beverages, ya know - the usual stuff. 

There's a chin on my leg and eyes burning into me, so I guess I need to go let the dog out before bed.  Later!

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