Sunday, February 9, 2014

Where I come from - Hell!

Where I Come From

For more pics & the whole vacation story - go HERE

This week we're going to Hell!
And this Hell is mostly likely frozen over right now, since it is about 3 degrees as I write this.   Anyhooo, Hell Michigan is located in SE Michigan, not far from Ann Arbor.  You're more likely to find Pinckney on the map, and it's basically there.  We mailed a postcard to my mother in law from there & they used a candle to singe the edges before posting it - she thought that was funny!
They also have a website!

Quite honestly, there's not much to do in Hell.  There are 2 buildings.  A diner called Screams and an ice cream place.  The pizza was OK.  You can be mayor for a day - that looks like it could be fun.  They do have events like hearse shows & such.

 There is an official NOAA weather station, to the delight of my geek hubby.

 You can get married in the wedding chapel, if you don't have many friends.  It only holds 10 people, but it is really cute!

And have your reception at the fire pit!

 The highway to Hell.

 You can get your ice cream toppings from an open coffin!

And once you go to Hell, the next stop is Paradise!
 First you need to cross the Mackinac Bridge.

 The sunset over Lake Huron.
We stayed in Mackinaw City.  That's my kid & rent-a-kid waving out there.

 Port Iroquois lighthouse - one of over 100 beuatiful lighthouse in Michigan.
More than any other state!

 And no, it is not 666 miles between Paradise & Hell - it's more like 350.
Paradise is a regular little town, not even really touristy considering it is right on Lake Superior.

Lake Michigan to the left, lake Huron to the right!
Standing under the Big Mac.

So I say that I've been to 2 different Hell's, since I also visited the one in Grand Cayman a few years ago.  I wish I took more pics then!


  1. Thanks for linking up. I absolutely LOVE this post from Hell. The wedding chapel cracked me up! It looks so tiny. The sunset image over Lake Huron is GORGEOUS! It's the perfect picture. Awesome coloring and the moon. Love it.

    1. Thanks! That was a great trip. We saw lots of beautiful scenery.

  2. Fun! I really enjoyed this post :)
    Welcome to the A to Z challenge theme reveal! I am looking forward to seeing what your theme is!
    #TeamDamyanti minion

    1. Thanks for stopping by - this is going to be a fun April!


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