Saturday, February 15, 2014


Sorry about the last woe-is-me post.  Sometimes ya just need to vent!

So I picked up the Valentine's lovebird double-daters from the movie theater around 10 last night.  Bart needed to get home.  I really like that his parents keep a fairly tight rein on him.  I approve!  Miss Angela had promised me a nice pic with him, but conveniently "forgot" so when we got to his house, we took them there.

But first, Brittany had to slam Angel's hand in the door.  Ooops!  Good thing there was lots of snow so I grabbed a big handful and held her hand in mine.  She's got a lovely bruise between her first & second knuckles on her pinkie finger now.  At least it's not a vital part of her anatomy that she needs for dance!

Eddie, Brittany, Angela, Bart

 Aw cute!

Then I took Britt & Eddie over to her house and we got some more pics.

 Photobombing with one of the dogs...

 No words. 

So I'm glad I re-arranged my workout schedule this week so I did Zumba at the dance studio on Wednesday instead of going to the gym first this this morning.  I got up at 7 to take the dog out, then went back to bed til 10:30.  I must have needed it, since I never sleep that late!  I am a total morning person.  I lounged until about 11, then got up and started breakfast.

Breakfast pizza!

We had a discussion at work and this idea came up, so I had to try it.  I used a Crescent crust that comes in a tube.  Baked it.  Then I sprinkled it with cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, cooked bacon, browned maple sausage and more cheese, then tossed it back in the oven to melt the cheese.   OMG, it was really good!

Miss Angela went to the mall with a friend, and I made Randy go shopping with me.  We wandered around the Salvation Army for a bit, just because it was there.  The real purpose was to go across the parking lot to Petsmart and get some new fish.  The one Gourami we had for like a year finally went to the big fishbowl in the sky and the tank was cleaned and ready for new inhabitants.  We had to check out the cats & critters first.  They had a dog adoption event going on and let me tell you, if our yard was fenced, Jack would have a new little sister!!  They had a 2 year old Beagle / Sheltie mix there and she was adorable!  She had the coat & coloring of a Beagle, but had a different looking head and was taller. But those eyes!  She wanted us.  But sadly, she couldn't have us. :*{

As my sister told me - put up a fence this spring!  But nope.  I'm going to be replacing my little mean green machine...
GRRR.  Fear me. 

With I don't know what yet.  I want a small SUV like a Ford Escape or something.  As long as it is taller than my Escort!  Some days it's really tough to get out of something so low, and the under-body is in pretty bad shape, rust-wise.  There have been times this winter I seriously thought it was going to break in half.  We'll probably ask Randy's friend down in Arkansas to look for prospects.  We'd rather have a used vehicle from there, since they don't have the salt corrosion that happens here.   And it has to be from the Big 3 - Ford, GM, Chrysler. But I could expand to Mercury, Dodge, etc.  I don't want to risk having Dad haunt me for driving something he didn't approve of!!

Yawn!  I'm ready for bed, but Miss Angela has a friend over, and lights out aren't til midnight.  So another half hour or so before they need to start settling down.  So I'll sit here on the computer with a glass of Malibu & OJ for a little while longer.

One of the ginormous snow-piles in our front yard.   
How many days til spring?  


  1. i heard the ford escape is a great car. my SVP wants one and he's a total car geek so if he says that it's a good car, it must be!

    1. That's good to know! I like that they're on the smaller size - my Escort is great since I can zip around the semis at work with no problems. I'd hope an Escape could do almost the same.


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