Sunday, February 23, 2014

2/23/14 - thought dump

Why is it I can't some up with a witty title?  Pppft.

Woohoo!  Check out the sunshine!  Granted its only 32* out, but it looks nice from the comfort of my desk chair!  Randy's worked for the past 2 days to clear ice rinks off the driveway.  I'm happy that the iceberg finally fell off the awning over the back door.  It was sagging so far that we could only open the door about 1/2 way.  I really expected the sides to give out at like any moment.  And until that berg dropped, I was not going to park my car in my usual spot.  If that came down on my car, both my passenger windows would have been goners.

On the down side - no more pretending we were hockey players leaving the bench as we went outside (step down and swooooooosh)!

Can you believe they had another week off school, after all the 'snow' days already this year?  Ours is one of the few districts that has a full week for mid-winter break.  The others get a day or 2.  So Miss Angela goes back tomorrow.  That means I have to have my act together and have my clothes set out & lunch made tonight, since I have to have her to the bus stop at 6:45.  I leave straight from there for work.  This past week I've been dinking around, not even getting out of the house til 7:15 and not making it to work by 7:30.  Shucks.

So there was also the requisite shuffle of the dance schedule this week.  Normally if there's no school, there's no dance.  But they've missed so many days that they still had comp classes this week.  Their first comp is the weekend of 3/21 so while they've finished most of their dances, they still need to polish them up.   They should start added more classes any time now.

I was sort of sad that they cancelled my Zumba class at the gym yesterday, but since they went ahead and had it at the studio Wednesday, I dropped into that one again.  I prefer Kelli's class at the gym, since she does an hour of 100% cardio, where Rosita at the studio does half Zumba and half toning.  Which is fine, but I want to keep my heart rate up and have a good sweat and that just doesn't happen with Rosita.  Plus my knee has been acting up again.  I don't know what else to call it - so far there hasn't been serious pain, but what there is moves around.  Lately it has been concentrated on the tendons in the back don't want to stretch, which is necessary to walk!

After dance Friday - I dropped Angela and 2 other girls off at the mall (she went home with them for the night) and then Randy & I went out to dinner.  For some reason, the waitress really thought she was giving us crappy service and we got free desserts!  We had no complaints with her, she explained the wine list to us wine-idiots and while service was a tiny bit slow, it wasn't anything so bad that we fussed about it.  And instead of stopping by and asking if we needed anything, she'd stop and put her hand on the back of Randy's chair, pause and just say "hello".  Which cracked us up!  We were enjoying our time together, chatting.  Plus the conversation of the 3 young-ish females behind me was pretty entertaining.

Randy really wanted to stop at a liquor store to look for this Scotch that a British guy at work told him about.  We spent probably 45 minutes in there browsing!  He ended up with this fancy Scotch, some Irish whisky, a tiny bottle of Jameson's (in case of emergency) and I got a tiny Crystal Skull Vodka and a bottle of Shellback rum.  I can't believe we spent over $130 in alcohol and we seldom drink!  And I actually want to go back and get a couple tiny bottles of tequila that were in the shape of painted sugar skulls.  I just like the bottles!

OMG, scotch is soooo nasty!  

I could barely bring myself to take 2 of the tiniest sips.  Randy was OK with is but this bottle will be around for a LONG time!  I swear Miss Angela is really Randy's kid - she has a taster like he does.  I personally would never eat Vienna sausages & they happily will share a can, standing at the kitchen counter.  And we let her have a sip of this stuff and while she wasn't impressed with it, she didn't do the full-body shudder & gag like I did.  So when she's old enough, they can sit around & eat their Viennies and sip some scotch!

Miss Angela had me watch a couple You Tube videos yesterday.  This guy won So You Think You Can Dance, season 10 (idk how long ago this was, since I don't watch it) but this is the song she's doing her tap duet to.   He's pretty freakin' amazing with his solo hiphop to it.   Actually, I was impressed with all of his dancing.

 Oh, to be able to move like that!  

And then we watched some videos of her high school dance team.  It was painful.  Angel was on the dance team for 1 year and they did OK with comps and stuff.  But her grades prevented her from staying on the team, plus it was getting in the way of her classes at the studio, so dropping the team wasn't a hardship.  I hate to say this about her school, but they sucked badly.  They were doing moves that the level 2 girls (around 10-12 years old) at the studio could do much better. And these girls are in high school and most also dance at studios??  Sad and I swear I'm not being biased, either.  
I've been somewhat productive this weekend.  We got all our errands run yesterday, I got a couple blog posts pre-written for the A-Z challenge.  I scrubbed both bathrooms top to bottom, I hung rugs outside to air.  Got the bed taken apart, washed the dust ruffle, changed sheets, etc and got it all put back together.  I've gotten the Valentine's stuff put away that has been sitting on the coffee table in the living room.  Now I need to wipe down the top of the stove and I'm waiting til the dishwasher stops to deep clean that.  There's mold growing on the racks & it won't just wipe off!  I'm going to have to take it apart & scrub with bleach or something.  Ew.

Sounds like the dishwasher is stopped.  Guess I better go hit the nitty-gritty!


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