Friday, February 14, 2014

Is it over yet? (edited)

I am so done with Valentine's Day!  

I don't even want to go on Facebook, because I don't want to see the flowers that your sweetie sent you at work, I don't care about your freakin' awesome date that you can't wait to go on.  Oh yeah - and it's cold & snowy here, too.  Not news!

Yes, you could say I'm bitter.  I thought I'd managed to tamp down the disappointment, and I felt pretty cheerful most of the day at work, at least until it was almost time to go home. Actually, I've been feeling down for the past week or so, knowing that this day was approaching.   You'd think with a name like ours that this would be an awesome day.  Nope.  I was told "Because I'm so practical, I will understand if we don't go out to dinner tonight because all the restaurants will be busy".  OK, that may actually be true, but it doesn't mean I have to like hearing it.  I'm OK with not going out to dinner.  I don't even need any jewelry.

I just want some damn flowers once in a while!

Randy used to bring me them practically every week, while we were dating.  I didn't care if they came from Kroger or 7-11 or wherever.  I loved them.  Carnations & cheap mixed bouquets were the best!

Then we got married.  {imagine air being let out of a balloon}

If I could remember over the past 7 1/2 years, I'd say the number of times he's brought me flowers I could probably count on one hand.

Soooo, on my way home tonight, I stopped at a little florist and bought my own damn flowers!

Jack says hi!

I've been living an ideal Valentine's Day vicariously thru Miss Angela & her boyfriend, Bart.  He got to school early today and decorated her locker with heart stickers and left flowers, a teddy bear & candy in there. SO cute!  So tonight, the 2 of them double-dated with Brittney & Eddie.  Britt's mom took the girls & someone else brought the guys and they met at the Olive Garden.  Afterward, I picked them all up and dropped them off at the movie theater.  I'll also pick them up after the movie, since they left lowers & food in my car.

I never had a boyfriend until halfway thru my senior year, so I never got to experience stuff like this. Which is probably why I willingly carted both girls to the mall last weekend and stood there for what felt like hours as they tried on dresses.

btw - it's 8:30 pm and Randy's not home from work yet, who knows when he'll be home. Most people would have thrown in the towel long ago, but OMG, they found some items wrong in this program (that he worked on last Friday, too) and since he didn't write the program, it takes forever to go thru it piece by piece to find the problem. He just won't stop until it's done.  So I had some lovely leftover spaghetti for my lonely dinner & am sitting here with the cat draped across my lap.  Woo.

...And I slipped a card & a "LOVE" chocolate bar in his laptop case this morning so he'd find it at work.  It didn't get acknowledged at all.

I wonder what it is like to have random little texts sent during the day because he's thinking of me...or what it's like to get small little thoughtful gifts for no reason.  Hell, you'd think by now both him & Angel would know me well enough to pick out something they know I'd like for Christmas / my birthday / Easter.  Nope. The best I can do is send him a link to something I want.  So not only do I usually buy my own presents, I wrap them too.  So those days usually suck, too.

Sorry for the pity-post.  I had to get that all off my chest.  Once this day is finally over, I'll hopefully be back to my normal, cheerful self. 

On the plus side - I totally want to be in the happy place that one of my co-workers was in today!  He came in, dropped into his chair & announced it was just anther day at the beach!  Proceeded to ask drivers to be his Valentine (and even told one that he loves him!), but when asked a question by a dispatcher, said "NO, YOU can't be my Valentine!"  He's usually pretty entertaining, but he was in rare form today!

Anyhoooooooodles, I'm going to leave you with a pic of my Mom with her new little friend taken last weekend.  My niece is on her college equestrian team and had a horse show at MSU so we went to cheer her on.

edit:  he got home at 11 last night.  On the plus side, his boss says she owes him big-time.

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