Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Vacation Days 5-6

 And winding up our trip on Friday & Saturday....

 btw - if you see this in the winter, it often looks like...
(Google Images)

 There were some Coasties up on the lighthouse when we were there. 

Randy thought it would be fun to hang out at the beach for a while.  I'm so not a beach girl!  People looked like they were camping for a week, with their fancy umbrellas, chairs of all types, coolers, etc, etc, etc.  We had towels & a backpack to hold my camera & the sunscreen. 

 And you get the evil eye for not having said cooler with you!

 Holland Lighthouse

 NOAA station

There were a couple little girls, clearly cheerleaders based on how they moved, on the pier doing leg-holds & such.  Someone felt the need to show off, too. 

We left the beach (yay!) and went to Grand Rapids.  We had been invited to stay at Randy's friend Bob's house.  He got home from work at 5, so we timed it to get to his house then.  We visited for a while, then went to dinner. A nice relaxing evening!

Saturday we got up & took Bob & his wfie out to breakfast, then packed up.  We had seen on the news that there was a travelling Vietnam wall nearby, so we went there. 

 This name is SO appropriate!  It was extremely moving and all it was is a WALL in a park!  

 As soon as you came around the corner was this fire truck & ginormous flag. 

This is 1/3 the size of the real wall in Washington DC. There were volunteers there to help you find names if you knew someone who would be on there. Fortunately, we don't. They also had strips of paper & crayons available to do rubbings. 
At noon, there was a fly-by of 4 Vietnam-era planes.  The first pass they were in a diamond.  In the second pass, the second plane from the left had it's lights and smoketrail on.  It peeled off and the other 3 were left in the missing-man formation.  I tear up just thinking about this!  
It was beautiful!

There were a bunch of people there from the GR Veteran's home and 
while we were there, a group of bikers showed up.  
I'd love to know what they were thinking. 

After that, we immersed ourselves in culture & visited the Fredrik Meijer Gardens.  They had gardens & greenhouses to walk thru, and art to look at.  

 I don't get abstract art. 

 "Pokey Penis Cacti"  
I'm sure that's the scientific name for it. 

"Funky Fringe Flower"
also a scientific name

 Corpse Flower.  It really did smell like rotting meat.  
It was gross. 

 "Mad Mom"

 Driftwood-looking bronze horse

"The American Horse" 
This I understand!  A ginormous (anatomically correct) stallion. 


 "Lying Man" - one of the only human sculptures that is clothed.

 In the Children's Garden

Really?  WHY??

It was really nice to be on the way home after all this.  We got home around 6 Saturday night and had the intention of going to the Renaissance Festival on Sunday.  We didn't go.  I hit patchy rain going to pick the dog up from my sister's and we ended up just staying home & chilling.

There is nothing better than using your own bathroom & shower!

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