Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy September!

I was on vacation last week and didn't get a chance to post much before that (cleaning house, working late to have everything done, etc)

First of all - last Thursday (the 29th) was my 40th birthday!  Quite honestly, I wasn't looking forward to it at all.  I cried the night before my 30th, so I was expecting a full-on breakdown for 40.  But I didn't.  Other than the phone calls from the family and the multitude of FaceBook posts, it was just another day!  I am so glad I wasn't at work!  The week before I went on vacation, I found this....

On the bathroom mirror..... 

 On both bathroom stall doors (does my boss know me, or what??)

Over the drinking fountain...

On the microwave...

That was just on Monday.  Tuesday, she enlisted the help of a co-worker and they went nuts.  Those damn little "40"s were on every door I might possibly walk thru, the copier, the printer, the clock in the hall, the file cabinets, IN the files (I'll be finding them for months), on the shelf in the fridge, on the stair railing and of course, my desk. 

and we can't forget about the ones inside my drawers, on the trash can, on my plants and on the drain pipe that runs thru the middle of the room. And every time my boss brought paperwork to me, I could be sure to find at least one in it, every day that week.   You can imagine what everyone else in the company thought! 

But they calmed down after that. Then Friday I brought Miss Angela to work with me for my sister Linda to pick her up.  As we got out of the car, my sister Laurie pulled up and gave me a card & a ginormous "40" balloon.   Joy!  So that was tied to my desk leg for everyone to enjoy.

Going back further - Miss Angela's dance try-out were the 21st (same with school registration - she's officially a junior in high school now!)  I promised I'd stay at the studio with her, since for some reason, she was nervous.  This kid has been in numerous recitals & dance comps & has danced at the halftime show at the Detroit Lions game on Thanksgiving for the past 3 years and has never been fazed.  But put her in a room in front of 3 judges and she was freaked out!

The face of nervous!

Based on the conversations I've had with the studio owner & the head teacher, they really wanted her to try out for level 4 (the most advanced level)  and that really didn't surprise me, since she's had small parts to herself, or was the only level 3 girl in the jazz line (has all 4 levels) and did parts with the owner's daughter who of course is level 4.   Angel herself felt pretty confident she'd make 4 for jazz, but thought she'd stay in 3 for tap.  Nope!  She made level 4 for both tap & jazz!!!  On the form I had to fill out for her, I checked that she was interested in basically whatever they would consider her for.  So, she is in all 3 lines again (hiphop, tap & jazz), small group tap, jazz & hiphop, and has a duet!! These are on top of ballet, lyrical and another hiphop (since she enjoys it) and of course the finale.  

So I will be re-arranging my "Angela Wall" next spring since she will be in one more dance this year. 

So that's all the excitement here.  I'll break the vacation trip up into several posts so it's not overkill.

Happy almost-Fall!

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