Thursday, September 26, 2013

On the right track!

I didn't go to a meeting tonight, but I dropped into the office by my work and weighed in this afternoon.  -0.8!


Oh man, it's been insane around here - Saturday in Miss Angela's Sweet 16 - and her party is apparently going to span the whole weekend.  One friend's parents are going to be out of town, so she'll be over after school tomorrow - hope I survive that!  Brittney is a sweet girl, but she's loud and can be obnoxious.

I'm actually not quite sure how this is going to work.  Randy is going to be gone.  He does radio comm for several MS events over the year & there's one this weekend.  Angel's rather miffed that he won't be here.  I have to pick up the cake Saturday at noon.  One of her gifts is getting her belly button pierced, so we will stop at this little tattoo place in town and get that done.  We'll probably end up at the mall & then to see a movie or something.  Sunday, friend #2 Taylor is coming over early for breakfast and then we're all going out to the orchard to meet the family for a day of fun out there. There may even be extra kids showing up, I don't know!

 Not my idea of a Sweet 16 birthday cake, but this is what she wants!  

I stopped at Hockeytown Authentics (a store that only carries licensed Red Wings & Tigers gear) and got a mini wooden stick to replace that cheesy plastic one and believe it or not.....Red Wings nail polish!!

I went to Zumba for the first time last night!  It was pretty fun.  Since Miss Angela's dance studio is now big enough to have evening classes, the owner offered a free class to drum up interest..  There were probably 12 of us in there - 2 of us clearly had never done it before (and we gravitated to each other & stood next to each other) and I was surprisingly the only dance mom in there, other than Rosita the instructor and Terina the owner.  I think Angel was pretty proud to see me in there - she was in lyrical across the hall but could see into the room where I was.She pointed me out to the other girls and was like yeah - look at my mom shake it!

 Before Zumba

After Zumba


I stopped in the studio when I dropped Angel off and her ballet teacher came in and asked whose car was in the parking lot with a skeleton in it.  Mine!  So she asked to borrow him for her classes!  I don't know how much help he was, since he's not exactly an anatomical specimen.  But I heard the girls had fun dancing with him.

Weekend tracking is non-existent

Anyway, my break is over - I need to get clothes packed for Randy and finish picking up some stuff in the kitchen.  I had gotten to the point where I was overwhelmed. I hate when I get like that!

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