Monday, September 2, 2013

Vacation Days 1-2

We left Monday morning 8/26....the plan was to start in Petoskey, then go to Traverse City, Sleeping Bears Dunes, Michigan's Adventure, Holland / Grand Haven and end up in Grand Rapids and then come home.

It was a nice trip!  Even tho our rent-a-kid, Taylor, wasn't able to go on this trip with us, Angela didn't do any complaining until the very last day.  She was rather pleasant!

 Being goofy in the car.

 Trees are changing colors!

1st of 4 scheduled stops for Randy to see the 45th parallel.  At US131.
We humored him since we also stopped at 6 different real Maple Grove Cemeteries (also the name of my Halloween yard display) so I could take pics.

 The view from the Super 8 in Petoskey.

 These kids were jumping off the breakwall into the bay.

We did a little bit of shopping.  I wanted a real Petoskey stone (we found also one on the beach!!) and a shot glass.  I also got a t-shirt and a book to hold those squished & stamped pennies that you can get as souvenirs. And of course Angel got a pair of sweat pants.  She stuck with keychains after that.

 We were hoping to see the sunset, but there was a bank of clouds rolling in.

Tuesday we got up & were on the road after breakfast.  In the rain.

 2nd stop at the 45th parallel.  At US31.

 The rain stopped long enough for us to visit Old Mission Point & Lighthouse.

 People made art with rocks out on the beach!

 I swear I did not make this!  But it's awesome.

 Old Mission Point Lighthouse

 Hiking out to the point.

 I slipped in the mud - hence the wet & sandy shorts.  
But no injuries other than a slightly skinned up knee & bump on top of my foot. 

One of the many local vineyards.  We didn't taste any wine, tho.

It worked out that after we left the point and went back to TC for lunch, the rain came back with a vengeance.  There were flash flood warnings & a temporary outdoor pool in the parking lot at our next hotel.  I felt water under the floorboards of the car!!  They got around 3 inches of rain dumped on them!  We more or less stayed in the hotel after that.  The rain stopped around 7 and we went out for dinner & hit one of the cemeteries at dusk.  And enjoyed the pool. 

Stay tuned for the rest of the trip!

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