Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Vacation Days 3-4

Wednesday was a much nicer day.  

3rd Stop - M22 East Loop

Old Coast Guard boat

An unofficial weather station

Woolsey Air Strip
Isn't this the cutest thing?  I guess it's the air-traffic tower.


4th & final stop - M22 West Loop

We thought possibly Angel was a Coastie in a past life!
(look at the guy on the left)

Inside the fake wheel-house

Lake Michigan was COLD!

Nope.  Did not climb that!

The scenic drive.

An overlook.

See those little dots along that line in the sand??  Those are people.  
This bluff had easily a 45 degree angle.  I think they were insane. 

We met a nice old couple from Kalamazoo who took our pic after I took theirs. 

A house of bottles.

We finally got a nice sunset!

There is a freighter just to the right of the sun. 

We didn't get to our hotel until around 10 pm.  No pool tonight!

Thursday was my birthday!!  We left Pentwater after breakfast again & drove to Muskegon to Michigan's Adventure!  We don't have many pics here, since I didn't lug my camera in and the ride attendants were adamant about not taking pics anywhere.  They didn't let us off one ride right away because a guy had taken a pic of his little boy before we started and they made a big deal about it.  

This is Shivering Timbers - Angel & I rode on this 3 times! 
It was a warm day, so the lines were for the water rides.  We walked right up to most of them & go on over half-empty cars! 

Thunderhawk (from their site)
rode on 3 times.  
One that you are under the track & your feet dangle

Wolverine Wildcat (from their site)
we only rode this one since it bounced us around so much that my chest hurt! 

Corkscrew (from their site)
rode this twice and was done. 
 I didn't think to take my earrings off & now one of my holes is infected from it being jostled against the shoulder harness.  Ow.

Zach's Zoomer (from their site)
a kiddie Koaster, and slammed my back into the seat, so once was it. 
The seats weren't even wide enough for us to sit together - LOL!
Don't take pics here!

We were rebels & snuck a pic on the train to the back of the park. 

We were out of the park by 4.  We were beat!  We thought to double back to the Leelanau park to see the sunset, but we opted not to.  Dinner, pool & bed. 

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