Thursday, September 19, 2013

...and I don't feel guilty!

I did not do to my meeting / weigh in tonight.  I did take the dog for a 2 mile walk after work tonight and then went out to dinner with the family.

 yay!  I tracked!

Sunday was a total lazy day!  
We had planned to go to the Renaissance Festival, but Randy got an early morning (like 7:30 am early) call from work - let's just say those morons are lucky *I* didn't answer the phone.  But that took forever for him to sort out, but it was off & on drizzling rain so I guess it doesn't matter. 
Hoping to go this weekend instead!

So anyway....not much else to report.  I was pretty discouraged after the last 2 week's gains and with TOM going on right now, I sure wasn't feeling the love of a scale!  

I'm not feeling particularly confident in myself the next week or so anyway.  The 28th is Miss Angela's Sweet 16 and as far as I know, she's only going to have 2 friends over Saturday night and Sunday we're going to the apple orchard with the family like we every year.  My nephew's b-day is the 27th so this is how we celebrate them. She wanted a bounce house, so the orchard is a compromise - they have these giant inflated pillows that kids of all ages can jump on.  They are hysterically fun!!  Anyhoooo.  Orchard = Cider & Donuts.  Yeah.  Bad. But she did say she wants an Edible Arrangement for her birthday, too.  Fruit like melon, apples, grapes, strawberries, pineapple all on sticks and some pieces dipped in the most delectable chocolate.  mmmmmm.  And if I get her a small ice cream cake, I won't have to have any!  yay!

I was supposed to start Zumba at Angel's dance studio this week....but when I texted the owner (Zumba instructor) she said she'd kicked her dishwasher & thought she broke her toe!  So she's going to start them the first week in October and she's going to put the word out on FaceBook & such.  That leads me to believe that I was probably the only one interested at this moment!    That's OK - now I have the chance to go buy a good sports bra, since I don't have one. 

Ugh, work has been insane this week, so I'm going to turn in.  Good news- they changed the dress code to Blue Jean Fridays - woohoooo!


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