Thursday, February 8, 2018

why are titles hard???

Maybe I need to post every day or something since I talk about too many things to do an all-encompassing title.  First world problems! 
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I started writing this on Tuesday.
And I'm gonna jump around.

Miss Angela is such a dork - they've been preparing for dance regionals (this Saturday!!!) since September and she wanders into my bedroom Tuesday night while she's putting her costumes together and told me she didn't realize she was competing in 6 (and not 5) dances. 
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Hmm.  Hiphop, contemporary, lyrical, jazz, tap and a solo.  Looks like 6 to me! 
I'm glad she figured it out now, before we got to the venue Saturday.  At least she doesn't dance until evening so it wouldn't be any big deal to go home to get anything she missed.  
Not bad for my first try doing a Dutch braid on a human head!  
I still have to figure out how my fingers need to hold the pieces to keep it tight...

So, although we're not football fans, we did watch the Superbowl.   We decided we were going to cheer for the Eagles in the opening segment when they showed this adorable old man who said he'd been waiting 52 years to see his Eagles win a bowl.   Mainly we watch for the commercials & halftime show.  

Our TV in the living room crapped out Saturday - of course!  When else would it do such a thing?? Angel & I thought the horizontal lines were just snow built up on the satellite dish, but when Randy looked at it Sunday morning, he said it was on it's last legs.  So he went online and bought a new one and Angel picked it up on her way home from work that afternoon.  She got home with it with enough time for him to get it hooked up & set up enough for us to not miss the coin toss or anything.  
Rusty declares time out!

Tonight is 'dress rehearsal' for the comp on Saturday.  They only do this before the first one of the season so I'll go spend my evening at the studio.  Its kind of like a sneak peek before they get on stage.  And... Social hour, don'tcha know!   They don't need hair or makeup, but will be in costume.  I can't wait to see Angel's solo in her borrowed costume.   I don't know why I love going on the crazy nights, but I do.  Dress rehearsal and when group photos are taken in May - I'll be there every minute then, too!  

Doesn't this sound fun!

I went Monday after work and talked to the folks at the VFW.  I didn't know they vote to let new members in - that's kind of nerve-wracking!  So I filled out the form, he got a copy of my discharge papers, and gave me a tour of the (very nice) post.  Then I proceeded to sit there and chat for an hour or so with this man who joined the Air Force 10 years before I was born.   I actually had a lot in common with him.  Now I wait, but I'm really seriously doubt I'll get turned down.  He was talking about how a lot of the members are getting up in years and they're probably happy to get some younger blood in the post. 
How awesome is this?  I just ordered this poster!

I finally found a drunk octopus who wants to fight!  



  1. The drunk octopus always makes me laugh :)

    You did an amazing job on the braids! Seriously! I wish I could braid hair like that; but I've only ever tried it on myself and it's so hard on your own head, right?

    Glad you were able to watch the Superbowl. Kind of snoozeworthy, but I watched for the commercials and halftime, obviously :)

    1. I've been able to French braid forever both on myself and other people - I learned as a kid on my sister's horse's tail! But Angel has always done these Dutch braids on herself and I didn't realize they were a real thing. I just thought she did them inside out!

      There were some funny commercials this year - the football guys doing Dirty Dancing was hysterical!

  2. Random thought posts are fun! We watched the Superbowl and kind of begrungingly rooted for the Eagles (they beat us to get there, but that's ok) and I think it is pretty cool in the end that they won for the first time. I love the braids! When I had longer hair I was never good with braids.

    1. I'm from the Detroit area, so we won't talk about the Lions. They haven't won a Championship since 1957 and haven't ever been to a Super Bowl (thanks, Wikipedia!). At least we didn't chose our winner this year by how pretty the colors are in their uniform!
      I'm glad that Angel still asks me to braid her hair!

  3. That's kind of hilarious she forgot about one of her dances - but good to remember now! I hope they all go well. :) My family loves football - we rooted for the Eagles too - but I didn't pay that much attention apart from some commercials and JT.


    1. Yeah, she's such a goofball. I really wonder about her sometimes. And blame her dad's genes!
      I enjoyed the JT concert! It would have been awesome to see for real.

  4. Blog titles are the worst to figure out. I hate it. You should have named this one Drunk Octopus and the Broken TV
    I for the life of me, cannot braid hair which is why I was gifted a boy. I would be the mom holding up an ipad in the bathroom watching youtube videos on "How to braid hair" 5 minutes before school starts while trying to detangle a comb out of my little girls hair. So it all worked out. So kudos to all of you moms with girls and rocking their hair!

  5. Drunk octopus. Haha! I know exactly what you mean about having a hard time picking a title when you include so many topics in one post. I had to reverse things and start choosing a theme for each day and writing from the title. Seems to work for me. :)


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