Friday, February 23, 2018

What up, Weekend? 2/23/18

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I'm linking up again with the lovely peeps from the Peaceful Posse in keeping the Interwebz a happy, positive, cheerful place.  I love the new badge!  It's so pretty!

A few things that have made me happy this week....

1.  Finding out yesterday that I survived the interview with the Sheriff's Department and am now a part of their Mounted Division's Search & Rescue Team!   I am so excited I could pee!
OMG.  If you ever want to feel like a babbling idiot, go sit in a conference room with a huge Sheriff's Department emblem on the wall across from you, and have a Lieutenant and 2 deputies staring at you, asking questions & taking notes!  And the hardest question in the world??  
"What are your strengths and weaknesses?"
2.  I get sworn into the VFW next Wednesday!  

3.  OK, this wouldn't make anyone happy, but it was a "WOW" moment.  We got 2 1/2 inches of rain over 2 days this week that caused a lot of flooding.  Coyote Joe's here is usually on the bank of the Clinton River...not IN the River!   We launched kayaks not from from this spot last summer and had to walk down a bit from the parking lot.  Water was up 16 feet, almost to the underside of the bridge!
 4.  Seeing Miss Angela on Celebration Talent's FB page in their album of highlights from the competition!
5.  This... 
 On the left is Rusty, taken last weekend.  On the right is our (departed) Chester, taken 2 years ago.  I love that they're in the same pose!  

So we're going to be car hunting this weekend.  I'm really NOT happy about that, since I can think of  better things to be doing.  Randy & Angel could handle this on their own, but they'll clash if left alone too long, so I'll grab my Kindle & referee jersey and go along for the ride.
Wish me luck!



  1. Congrats on making the Search and Rescue team! And aw, your two cats posing the cute.


  2. Congrats. That's a lot of water!

  3. Hey girl, sounds like you had a great week. Love your pics of Rusty, as per usual. ;)
    Woah, that’s A LOT of water!!
    Congrats on making the search and rescue; that’s fabulous!! :)

    Have a great week hun! xo


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