Tuesday, February 13, 2018

10 on the 10th - Memories with the Spousal Unit

heehee I typed that post title and when I glanced at it a few minutes later, I thought it said "disposal"!
Yet again, I found another fun linkup while perusing ye old Blog-land.  This one is put on by PerfectlyPortFamily.  Thanks, Erin!!   I actually found it early enough last month that I probably could have joined in then, but....I have 123 random things listed up in my "About Me" tab that pretty much covers everything.

With Valentines' Day right around the corner (and our last name being Love), this one seems quite appropriate to do!  Randy is actually a pretty amazing guy, so we have some pretty amazing memories together.  It's hard to narrow it down to 10.  And these aren't in any order.

1.  We met in January 2002 on Yahoo Personals (don't judge!)  The first time we met face-to-face, he came over to my apartment for dinner to find me barefoot & no makeup, chasing a naked 4 year old Miss Angela, trying to get her dressed after a bath.  He said he knew then he was going to marry me!  I was slower to realize this fact, since I hadn't been divorced that long and wanted to make sure he wasn't just a rebound.

2.  I went on a trip to Alaska with him that July.  He had planned on going alone, then he met me & asked me to go.  That's when we learned that we're great travelling partners.  Tons of laughs on that trip!
This picture hung on our living room wall for years before I realized that the first time he'd been on a horse (to humor me) was exactly 4 years before our wedding!
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3.  My brothers handcuffed us together at our wedding reception, so this is how we went around and greeted our guests.   Man, my face hurt that night from smiling like an idiot all day!

4.  Our honeymoon to Niagara Falls - he managed to time it perfectly (even with a brief visit with the lovely Canadian customs folks & their random car inspection) to drive across Ontario, check into our hotel and get to our room on the 19th floor just in time for the fireworks over the falls to begin. (pre-blog days so no links)
View from our window. 

5.  Our 5th anniversary - back to Niagara Falls because we had to have dinner in the Skylon Tower and then we drove on to Toronto

6.  Our 10th anniversary - we drove to Marine City, MI and hopped on a ferry to (I see a trend!) Canada!  There's a little town called Sombra right across the river that has the cutest little B&B and the next day we drove to Chatham to a riding stable.  This was just a short trip, because I had surgery on the Monday after. 

7.  I asked him to get a pedicure with me for our 10th anniversary.  I really didn't think he'd agree, but he did!  We went for our 11th, too.  I think he secretly likes them!

8.  We balance each other well.  While he did manage to talk me into getting my amateur radio license, he doesn't make me go to Hamvention or swap meets with him.  And he's never been to any of Angel's dance competitions, but he does go to her end-of-season recital every year.  We're OK with each other going out & doing things without each other, because we do a lot together.  And we do nothing together!  We're perfectly content to just be near each other - no conversation is needed.

9.  He stepped up to the plate and embraced a ready made family of kid & cat.
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At our reception, he gave her a necklace with a Love / heart charm on it and promised to be a good Dad to her.  I love this pic!

10. The first time I met his family was the very end of 2002 when his dad passed away and we flew to Arkansas with him for the funeral.  At the graveside service, I stood back in with Angel because I didn't think it was appropriate to sit with the family.  But then Randy turned around and called to me, so I sat directly behind him.  Brother Bubba (seriously!!) giving the eulogy looked up and actually STOPPED in the middle of his reading and went back and re-read the names of the surviving family, obviously trying to figure out who we were!  And as soon as the service was over he was right there, introducing himself and offering to take us to the church and get us married right then!  Luckily he backed off when I told him that I would want my family with us. 

This was a lot of fun & a nice walk down memory lane, thanks Erin, for the great linkup!

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  1. Love the memories! We like to travel too and went to Alaska in June 2002!

    1. I really didn't expect Alaska in summer to be as mild & beautiful as it was. One day I'd like to go back in winter to see the Northern Lights.

  2. I choked up at that picture of your hubby and daughter, oh my word that is just precious! I love that he got a pedicure with you and that he went again!!!! Thanks for linking up and Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo ERIN

    1. The little old Korean ladies at the salon just love when he goes, too! They joke with him about painting his nails pink :D


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