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Celebration Talent Competition #TeamDOS

Yeah, I'm only a week late with this and I feel like I kinda suck since I didn't get pictures with Angel in her costumes at ALL during this whole day!
#TeamDOS hardware
So proud of the whole team!

So the comp started at 8:30am. Our studio's first routine was #3 of the day (we took 32 dances total) and Angel's first dance wasn't until after 6pm!  Final awards were at 10pm-ish - we didn't leave the Macomb Center until after 11pm. It was a long day, let me tell you! 

First was her solo "Joy".  
It was her first lyrical solo and so beautiful to watch!
FYI - Dermacol covers tattoos nicely. 
The judges would have had a great view of the one on her side here. 

As usual, there were performance levels - Rising Star was beginner / intermediate and Shining Star was advanced. All of Angel's routines were Shining Star except for hiphop line with our little nuggets.  Then each routine got a gold / high gold / platinum trophy for their points. And then overall placements. 

 In the morning sessions, the announcer mentioned several times that there had to be at least 3 routines in a specific category (ie, senior small group jazz) for them to do first/second/third/etc place.  So when we learned Miss Angela was the only adult competing (a detail we like to forget to mention, heehee) ....she figured she'd just get her trophy for her points and had already asked me to buy her a "shiny" (the studio keeps the awards & trophies for groups, so if an individual wants one of their own, they can buy it at the comp). Awards rolled around and she was sitting on the stage with the rest of her team, not paying attention, when they called her up for first place! She was so confused & the announcer had a good laugh at her. And I didn't have to buy it! 
With her teacher, Claire.

Senior Large Group Contemporary "We Help the People" High Gold / 1st place
(I promise I just borrowed these pics!!  A Cut Above The Rest Productions gets full credit, as their watermark shows!)
Senior Small Group Jazz "Control" - Platinum
I love this routine!
Senior Small Group Lyrical "Oceans" - Platinum / 1st place / Choreography Award
 We always have a good laugh at some of the still shots - here it looks like they're beating up the girl in purple!
 Senior Small Group Tap - We Found Love" - High Gold
I hate to say it, but I wasn't a fan of this dance at all. 
The choreography, music, costumes. Nada. 
...but the judges liked the costumes??  Jeggings from Kohl's and plain white t-shirts? 
She told me that her & the girl in front of her always laugh at each other in this part!
Senior Hiphop Line - "Girl Power" - Platinum / 1st place / Judges Choice Award / SuperStar Cup for the highest scoring routine in their performance level 
If this looks familiar, it's because they did do this dance last year. But they voted to "revisit" it and take it to Nationals this year. There are some different girls and some parts were updated, too.
 The nuggets, because they're so darn cute!
I am a fan of this change! Last year, they threw Angel over the other girl's heads and she landed on the stage - which made me cringe since she's had a lot of knee & ankle problems. Now they catch her & flip her over & set her on her feet. Much better! 
She told me afterward that she usually closes her eyes for this, but they threw her so high this time that she had to open them to see where she was!
The judges loved it.
The girls promised their teacher they were going to get her that cup. 
And they did!
We got a big long text from the owner of the studio saying the girls shouldn't automatically expect to be going to Nationals just because they met Celebration's requirements. She said once she and the teachers reviewed all the judges critiques, they would decide which routines would be going. 
 Hiphop is without a doubt going to Nationals.

So now we have over a month until the next comp. 
I'll be able to record at that one so I'll add them to my YouTube page!

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