Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Transforming Tues.....errr - Wednesday!

I went to my meeting tonight because instead of going to my usual meeting.  Last night, I went with my sister to look at a horse she was thinking of buying (but she's not - a nice horse, but too small & green for what she wants).  And proceeded to eat bar food for dinner.  Taco Tuesday bar food, to be exact.  A huge ass steak quesadilla with a bucket of sour cream to dip it in.....
That and I'm sure the cake & ice cream Saturday for the hubby's birthday didn't help.  And these things called Bubba Burgers?  With cheddar & bacon mixed into the meat??  Wow.  
This is 2 weeks in a row earning 87 FPs!

I'm very pleased with my activity.  6 out of 7 days over 7000 steps!  Let me tell you, on Sunday after the party, I only got like 2800 steps.  We went out to breakfast, and then parked our butts on the patio, not to move almost all freakin' day!  I even took a nap!  But Friday I'd mowed the lawn so I clocked in with 16000+ steps.  Balance. 
btw - this was awful!  
I make some pretty amazing homemade pasghetti with whole wheat noodles & ground sirloin, etc. so this stuff was blargh.  I sent this pic to the fam and told them I was poisoned and needed to make some of the real stuff for dinner!  

I have a baby shower & 2 grad parties this weekend - wish me luck surviving those!  


  1. Good work on keeping up with the steps. I have been challenged over the last week because a friend of ours gave us 10 pounds of See's candy. I have been trying to limit myself to one a day but that hasn't been going too well. I have to get it out of the house before I ruin my progress!

    1. Aw man, 10 pounds?? I'd have to get rid of that.


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