Monday, July 3, 2017

The Houston Chronicles, part 6 ... 5/31

The Museum Of Natural Science
This could have easily been an all day thing!  More than one day, even.  
There was  a lot to see. 
Lights on the floor in the eating area. 
They had several hundred years' worth of maps.  I was entertained with how they drew Michigan in the 1830s.

I wasn't expecting to see dinosaurs!    It was awesome.
And as soon as we all walked in (mouths hanging open, etc) the curator or a random guide, whoever he was, came up and was telling us about some of the specimens they have and how to tell the difference between real bones & replicas.  The replicas will have a steel rod thru the middle while real ones have the supports wrapped around them.  He was also a Michigander!
My favorite display!  
The humans were "hunting" the mammoths and this guy lost!
Dwarf giraffe
A really big freakin' chicken!
Petrified wood.  Some random woman kept loudly saying how you're not supposed to touch them, but we figured if we're not supposed to touch, they'd be behind glass. I was tempted to go rub my butt on one in front of her for spite.
A huge maple leaf.
There was also the Hall of Ancient Egypt
Mummified cat.
A mummy
Real headstones
Butterfly Center

Hatching out of their cocoons.
They had 3 big displays and each Tuesday they release the ones that have hatched into the conservatory. 
I had a BUTTerfly on me!

There is so much we didn't get to see, but we were happy with what we DID see. 

The Museum closed fairly early, so we used the last ticket in our City Passes to hit up the Kemah Boardwalk.   It's basically a small permanent carnival on the water.

I was all set to go on some rides, but I was with 2 fragile flowers who couldn't do spinny or rocky rides.
Dinner that night consisted of giant freakin' funnel cakes.  Laura had been craving one and who are Gin & I to argue with that??  They got strawberries, but mine had apple pie filling, white chocolate drizzle & tons o whipped cream.
The carousel!
Ya know, if they insist on ~everyone~ wearing the seatbelts, they need to make them long enough for adults!  We were squished up against the poles. 
We did the ferris wheel.  The guy wouldn't let us all have our own cars, so we piled into one and it was the only one used on our ride. 
We all rode the Bullet.  It was a hoot!  Laura & I rode a second time and were the only ones on the car, so we took the first & second seats.  Gin could see us and said our faces were hilarious coming over the top of that steep hill!  
This ended up being our last full day in Texas, see the conclusion later on today in part 7!

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