Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Transforming Tuesday 7/11/17

(and I didn't even go get a free Slurpee today!)

OK, so I am attempting to make my Weight Watcher accountability posts a regular thing - so welcome to Transforming Tuesday!

I'm tired of how I look & feel.  My heel spur (plantar fasciitis?? idk) has been acting up again, so I do elaborate stretches & foot rolls before getting out of bed in the morning.  My ankles don't like to work right away, either.  
So here we go!
My face is insanely crooked.  This is the best of several pics I took.
I've been on WW entirely too long to have only lost 39.2 lbs, total since day 1.
I've been on WW more or less continually since 8/08 and even managed to get 2 lbs away from Onederland in 8/13 and it all took a shit.  You can look at my "Work in Progress" tab and see what I mean.  

Ya know what sucks?  Meal planning. And the requisite grocery shopping.  I have Mr. Kinda Picky who is at the mercy of the asshats at work, so I never know when he'll be home from work.  Then there's little Miss Picky who is just that - picky.  And has late dance classes throughout the week.  So I may or may not have people here to eat food with me and who also may or may not eat leftovers!!   Tonight, as I turned over my new leaf (the 2.8 lb gain at the meeting may have had something to do with this), I said screw it all.  I made chicken packets with asparagus or zucchini and when they were done - I ate alone!  Randy got home and they were still warm, so he had one, too.  
On the plus side, because it was meeting night, I didn't snack after work, so I'm sitting here at 9:30pm with 7 points left for the day!

And tracking - damn, I'm horrible with tracking!  I have alarms set on my phone to go off at 8:30am, noon & 9pm but I tend to ignore them.  I need to get better with that. 

Right after work is a bad time for me.  I get home at 4 and I just want to eat everything in sight!  I know I could easily grab an apple or banana or whatever, but I don't.  I get cereal or a granola bar or crackers & real peanut butter, etc.  But if I run errands or whatever after work, I'm fine when I get home!  It's like my eyes see the clock and tell my stupid brain that it's time to eat, even tho I'm not really hungry.   I do that at work, too.  I get there at 7:30am and have a bowl of oatmeal, either with strawberries or PB2.  Then sometimes I have an apple or my yogurt at 10:30 or so.  And even tho I'm still OK, I see it turn 11:30 and I'm thinking I need to go have lunch.  

From the WW app 

from the Fitbit app
this was a lazy week!!  

So.  Here we go! 
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  1. Lisa, I'm right there with you. I did finally make it to onederland this March but I've been hovering in the high 90's for most of the rest of the year. Time to up the game. I am "following" the Hungry Girl program but need to get stricter again. I also have a hubby who does not like what I need to eat to stay on program so I told him that he needs to take care of his own meals. I don't have any kids living at home so that's not an issue. I make 4 dinner meals at a time (2 fish and 2 chicken with vegetables in foil packs) and that seems to work really well for me. I have also (even though it's summer) started making big batches of the 0 point vegetable soup. My husband does like it too. Maybe it would help you at your 4 PM craving time to have a bowl of that? I also (in the last month or so) started taking a walk around the neighborhood. Just walk, no running for me. Gives me time to think and it doesn't cost anything! I'm rooting for you!

  2. The foil packets are a gem! I brought a yogurt and one of those for lunch today and over 2 hours later, I'm still full! Amazing, since it was just 1/2 chicken breast (about 5 oz - our grocery meat counter has some crazy sized chickens!!) and maybe 1/2 a zucchini, a dribble of olive oil and some seasonings.
    I'll have to try some of that soup, hopefully it works since I like to *chew*.
    I don't run either, but I do have an elderly dog who still loves to go for walks. It's hard to say no to those big brown puppydog eyes!


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