Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy July! Weigh In & Update 7/1

Woohoo!  Down 1.5 lbs tonight!  I don't know why it always seems to help when I'm tracking both on eTools and the Plan & Track book.

I even took notes in my P&T book at the meeting tonight.  Warm & Fuzzy Dez was gone and Kick Butt Dez was leader tonight - she cracks me up!  I love when she doesn't follow the weekly handout thingy and goes off on her own tangent. Tonight was about the difference between being interested in Weight Watchers and really being committed.  My favorite line from her tonight was "Be like a postage stamp and stick with it until you get there (to goal)".

So let's see what I did this week.

Yet again, I didn't track well on Saturday.  First, Miss Angela and I went to one of her friend's grad party - this girl was her duet partner in dance so we couldn't not go!  I did have a regular Mt. Dew while I was there, along with a good scoop of fruit.  We didn't stay long, it was raining so everyone was in the house & it was packed!  Then Angel & I parted ways - her to yet another grad party and me to the NWS Office for Field Day with the usual group of radio geeks. I usually plan my visits there in time for dinner and the meteorologist's launching the nightly weather balloon.  So dinner was not a pretty thing.  But I took a fruit tray out with me and munched on that.
Activity started out pretty good for last week, then sorta fizzled.  20 APs is average-ish. It could be higher, since the weather's been quite lovely (except for the inch of rain we got yesterday) but definitely not summer-hot.
I had to take my WW bling off my purse.  Since I changed purses, it doesn't seem safe.  I lost one of my 16 week clapping hands and my little silver running man came off at work.  Luckily the cleaning guy left it on my desk.  I would have been mad if I'd lost that one! 
So I stopped at the hardware store tonight and took my dogtags in with me so I could measure out an appropriate length of ball chain so I could hang my bling on the rear-view mirror of my car.  And I find myself looking at my tags often while driving, so this should be a good place for it. 
Oh man - we went out to dinner last night to Max & Erma's.  I chose the Cabo Shrimp Salad off their "Guilt Free" menu - which means 550 calories or less.  I couldn't see the stats on my phone, so I looked them up at home.
16 points!  I almost fainted!  I thought about the salad I had and couldn't figure out where the hell 34 grams of fat came from!  I had lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, radishes (which I discovered I don't like) and like 5 or 6 decent sized shrimp.  And 2 smallish tortillas.  Then I realized there had been no dressing or tortilla strips on mine.  I'd had to ask for some honey mustard, which I dipped out of.  So I tracked everything separately and it was much more reasonable.  Their French Onion soup is 9 points.  It's good so I guess it worth it. 

So the plan for this holiday weekend....we don't usually do much so it shouldn't be too difficult. Angel's already up north til Sunday.  Randy & I both have Friday off work and with some luck, we'll both get out early tomorrow.  Saturday we'll be up early to do radio communications along one of the local parade routes like we usually do.  The main reason we do this is because the guy who coordinates the hams has a neighbor that is an adorable old man who happens to have an ice cream machine that he sets up in his driveway for anyone who wants to stop in and say hi.  Sorry Gerald, we came over to see Mr. Fletcher!  Of course we will be grilling some meats.

But physical labor will be happening.  I'm going to stop on my way home tomorrow and probably Friday morning and get more bricks to put out around the big maples in the front yard.  I took the dog for a walk tonight and stopped in someone's yard to look at their flower beds ringed in the same brick and counted them.  I'm gonna need around 25 bricks for each ring and I've only got 40 so far.  Better get busy.  I also need 24 edging bricks for the side flower bed.  That's a lot of lifting and the ones for around the trees are heavy!  I don't like to put more than 20 in my Vue at one time.  They fit well and it doesn't squat too much.

Painting might happen, too.  I've had the paint for the focal wall in the living room for so long that it probably needs to be shaken again.  Painting NEEDS to happen!

Ugh.  I need a clone.

So how are you surviving this long holiday weekend?


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