Tuesday, July 7, 2015

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So if there was a way to limp on the keyboard, I'd be doing it!  Quick recap, last Thursday I had one of those moments where you think back and just know you used exactly 0% common sense.  I cleared the side chute of the lawnmower while it was running and yes, I got a major booboo.  

I felt my finger get hit and yanked it back out.  I looked at it and saw (in the midst of the clippings) that there was some blood.  So I started up to the house.  Randy was sitting on the patio and looked up as I went by.  I showed him my now dripping hand and said I got a booboo.  He freaked out!  I went in the kitchen and put my hand under the faucet.  He was asking me questions that I don't remember and I announced that I was feeling dizzy & nauseous.  He wanted me to lay down in bed, but I'd been mowing for close to 2 hours, so I was sweaty & bug sprayed & dirty.  So I opted to lay on the kitchen floor.  Of course the cat had to come flop against me, because I needed fresh cat hair stuck to me.  Randy made me laugh, tho.  He said if I wanted him to finish the yard, I could have just asked! 

So I didn't get any of the brick-work I wanted to do Friday, expect for unloading the bricks out of the back of my car and lining them along the flowerbed.  It was hazy & nice out so it would have been perfect.  But instead we sat on our butts on the patio under the awning. Saturday was the 4th, so we were up early to go work at the parade in my hometown of Clawson.  Randy works in staging and I'm about 1/4 mile down the road, conveniently at the corner where my family has always sat. Anyhooo, of course I had to show Mom & my sister Laurie what I'd done before wrapping it up.  Laurie asked when the last time I'd had a Tetanus shot was.....?  I couldn't remember, but I was sure it had been within 10 years.  But I begrudgingly agreed to go to the doctor's office for a booster.  There was an urgent care place on my way home that was open 7 days.  

So after the parade, and visiting and lunch and a polar bear dip in Mom's pool (these 50 degree nights are killer!) I went to the dr.  After explaining how stoopid I'd been and no, I'd never done such a thing before and alcohol was NOT involved, but I'd been hurrying so I could get involved in it - they ordered my Tetanus shot, Dermabond to glue my nail shut and x-rays, just in case. 

Heehee, I got to flip off the tech!
Just saying- there's a reason it's called DERMAbond - it might work on skin, but it doesn't on nails.  It never dried and just collected lint & cat hair.  So I scraped it off.  

So anyway, yesterday morning I got a call from the radiologist.  The doc who saw me didn't see anything on my x-rays but apparently there was indeed a fracture on my fingertip.  I have to assume it's the brighter white part of my fingertip in the x-ray.  So they hooked me up with this crazy huge obnoxious splint that I refuse to wear out in public.  
I modified it to wear to work today.  Definitely less phallic-like. 
 My nails are crazy long right now - how did the blade not hit them??  And the skin on each side of my nail is perfectly fine.  Only my nail got sliced!  Someone was definitely looking out for my stupid self. 
Anyhoo, I have no idea how long I need to wear that thing.  I got a referral to a hand specialist, but that probably won't happen.  So I'll wear the splint for work and when I go places to protect it - happily.  I slapped the side of the dryer yesterday morning getting a shirt out for Randy and I almost cried!  

Here's me and my stinky dawg. 
 I got my first tomato!  
We had the option to order t-shirts for the upcoming WestPac reunion and they arrived today.  They are pretty freakin' awesome.  This is the front chest part.... 
 ...and the back.  Perth & Hobart are crossed off because we had to extend our time in the Gulf and didn't make it down that far south.  We made a point of crossing the equator so we could do our Shellback initiations, but that's it. 
I'm looking forward to the reunion! It's gonna be pretty fun, seeing some old friends and such. I think the Lincoln is still in drydock so we probably won't get to visit and show our families where we used to live / work. Someone mentioned contacting the public affairs office of another carrier to see if we could get on it. It's not the same, but it would do. I'll have to ask that on the FB page.

So that's about all that's going on so far.  Randy just fired up the grill for burgers so I have to go take care of the inside goodies.  Later!



  1. Love your shade of blue! Very thankful it's just a story you can share and laugh about. Be careful! from now on! - Fresh tomatoes are the BEST! - Cool T-shirt! Hope you enjoy your reunion.
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

    1. It's such a summery color! I always seem to get pretty colors and the daughter manages to acquire them and I never see them again - funny how that works!
      The reunion was a lot of fun. It was nice at the beach, I haven't been in the ocean in a long time!

  2. Aw I hope your finger heals quickly! Yay, your first tomato, how exciting!

    1. Finger is feeling much better, thanks!. I wore the splint most of our vacation and left it off one day and I'm pretty sure housekeeping threw it out. Ooops. I can still feel a twinge when I type, mainly 10-keying but it's OK otherwise. A coat of nail polish to cover the discoloration that hasn't grown out yet and no one would even know I was an idiot!

  3. How fun to have the reunion to look forward to! Are you on a mailing list for LINCOLN reunion information? Just wondering if any of my husband's former ships might have reunions in the future? Two of them are decommissioned so I'm not sure how that works.

    1. Sorry - it's been crazy since we got back from vacation! Both of my ships (one that's decomm'd) have Facebook pages, that's how I found out about this reunion. One guy even made a FB event invite for it with all the info. For some reason a lot of people didn't see it or saw it too late, so the reunion was pretty small, but we had fun.


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