Sunday, June 28, 2015

ARRL Field Day!

Happy Saturday!

Just got home a bit ago from mooching dinner off the people who are actually participating in Field Day out at the NWS office in White Lake.  Randy's out there with the usual bunch of operators.  A couple of us wives pop in for a while but I'm the only one who is a ham, also.  With it being cloudy, windy & rainy, they weren't getting many contacts.

It only got up to like 60 degrees today!  Sheesh!  I had to close the windows.

I saw a nice shelf cloud on my way north on I-75 going thru Auburn Hills.
Randy was busy posting a video of one of the guys operating CW (morse code).  OMG, he specifically requested that red shirt, since several of the other guys were wearing theirs, too.  So they are all twinning!  He's got a grey one for tomorrow. 
 Caught a lovely sunset at the NWS.  The tower on the left has various weather instruments on it and the big ball thingy on the right is the Doppler radar.  The building in front of it with the white dome is where they store the equipment for the weather balloon launches that happen at 7am and 7pm.  
 I drove into rain on my way home, but the sunset behind was stunning! 

We had a busy today -Miss Angela's duet partner had her grad party today, so we went over for a while.  Since it was raining, everyone was inside the house & it was packed!! And hot.  Whew!  We didn't stay too long, since she was going to another grad party and I needed to take Randy his overnight bag and & sleeping bag / air mattress.  I was really surprised when I'd just gotten there and she texted me to ask how long I'd be there.  I'll be there as long as I feel like it!  Then she called and asked if her & Joey could come there.  Sure!  It's nice with her driving, since I didn't have to leave when she was ready to.

The NHL draft was this weekend.  What's up with the Red Wings signing all these guys whose names I can't pronounce???  Svechnikov, Saarijarvi, Van Pottelberghe ??   So glad I'm not an announcer. I can handle Pearson, Holway & Marsh.  I should watch this one of these times to see how its done. I just imagine this being like choosing teams for a dodge ball game or something.  Lets see, DRW, your turn!  Mmm, (looking at a bunch of guys lined up against the wall) we choose Evgeny!  Next turn, oh darn, another team took the guy we wanted, so I guess we'll take Vili, etc.

Why have I just discovered Imagine Dragons??   I just downloaded Demons, Radioactive & I bet my life.  Those are some awesome songs!!  I'd heard them in the past and liked them, but never knew who did them.

Angel is signed up for summer dance classes - surprise!  I'm glad we stopped in the studio and I didn't just mail the check in, since I didn't look close at the schedule the studio emailed out that had the All Star team classes on it.  Whoops!  No real surprise that she made the senior All Star team - most kids who tried out did make the team in some way.  We will have to decide just how involved she's going to be in dance this year.  I'm sure she'll have a lot more homework in college than she ever did in high school - which was very little. Plus working, that's going to be a shock to her!

I showed her where she could apply for any number of part time jobs at PetSmart so she can start earning some of her own dollas.  I just happened to look there, I'm sure most chain stores have such a thing on their sites.  She wants to go to college for a Vet Tech and working around animals could only help. I'm sure the college counselors also have some contacts at places she could check into, also.

Some seriousness for a moment (those do happen!)  I am totally happy for the Supreme Court to pass marriage equality for all peoples.  I know a lot of others are unhappy about this, for a multitude of reasons.  First of all, I really can't see how anyone's personal business is any concern of anyone else - such as who they marry.  If they're happy - Awesome!  As I see it, if you're not a gay person who wishes to marry the person you love - then this law really shouldn't mean anything to you - as it does not apply to you!  So don't worry about it.  And so it may be against what the Bible says.  So is murder.  So is adultery.  So is thievery.  Why aren't more people upset about these things that actually do harm to others??   THAT is the asshattery that's bringing the state of the country down.  
Rant over.

Holy crap - it's almost midnight!  No wonder the one cat just sat next to me and meowed.  She was telling me it was bedtime.  Now the other is stretched out like a big orange cat loaf just out of my reach so I can't pet him. Better him than the dog who was very clingy last night - and had gas badly!  Later!


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  1. Loved reading your updates and that sunset behind captured in the rear view mirror is so awesome. Coming over to Marriage Equality, I am with you on that. If it doesn't bring a change in your life, why should you even be bothered? Thanks for stopping by my blog via the road trip :)


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