Thursday, July 16, 2015

Middle of July already??

Seriously Mother Nature - you're really being a bitch this year.  I've seen a couple tiny baby crickets in my flower beds, but I sure haven't heard them chirping yet!  Of course crickets aren't too happy for the same reason I have to get up at night and close my window!!  It's supposed to go down to 52* tonight!

Update on my booboo - the story in case you missed it is in the post before this one. I was able to cut the end of my nail off where the slice happened.  It's gonna be a while before the dried yuck underneath grows out, but I can handle this.  I've still been wearing the splint most of the day.  I took it off tonight so I could color my hair and there's only tiny little twinges when I type - and it may just be from it feeling weird with a super short nail.
Yeah, I will neaten that up - as much as I can anyway. 
And moisturize!

Talk about Karma.  I got home from work Monday in a bad mood and stomped out the get the evil lawnmower to cut the grass because it hasn't been done since it bit me.  I did one strip across the back of the patio, up the side and across the front....hit a bit of the edging sticking out of the flower bed and the opposite front wheel broke!  Randy took it apart and the wheel bearing housing was shot!  Even tho it could have gone at any time, I imagine it felt the hate radiating off me and just decided to break.  Randy and I both have some time off work, so his happy butt can get out there tomorrow and fix the mower (he ordered the parts online and we got them today) and then use it!  Just those few minutes bent the hell out of my splint so I'm using that as an excuse. 

So grad party plans are moving right along.  I should have the invites ready to be sent out in the next few days.  How evil am I?  I printed out the info, along with one of Miss Angela's pictures to glue inside these LOVELY glitter notecards - this pic doesn't do them justice.  They are seriously bright & really pretty (and shed glitter insanely Muahahaha!)  But I'm only sending those to the few non-tech-savvy people we know (my Mom, etc) and then we'll create a FaceBook event for everyone else. 
We've figured out food & seating & all the rest of that good stuff.  I just need to order the cake, M&Ms and the main dishes of chicken & ribs & taters. 

Heehee, Angel started back to dance last night for the summer session.  Tuesday nights are for the new All Star team and the teacher is working on building endurance, so they had to take tennis shoes & arm weights.  Angel trudged into the house after class last night and announced she was dead.  They had to run 6 laps around the building.  Funny that these kids can dance for hours, but die running.  Must be a different kind of endurance.  

So since I was home today, I ran a million errands that are just easier during the day (hello - animal control for the dog's license that I missed mailing in last winter) and I had lunch with my sister.  I feel accomplished almost!  I bought myself some new shorts and a couple new tops since most of mine are dark colored and /or really big now.    

My toes are really ugly and demented in heels.
Chester took over Jack's crate.  He had been feeling needy since he's got a booboo on the end of his tail.  Randy said he accidentally slammed it in the bathroom door one morning but it didn't look like it was a couple days old.  So he got some extra lovings.     
Speaking of Chester - tonight he was watching Bob Ross videos on YouTube with me (ignore the junk on the desk and don't judge!  I recently also got subscribed to this guy who does 18th century cooking)

Oh man - Maddie is telling me its bedtime.  Let's see tomorrow's excitement?  Breakfast at this place Angel went to with her friends last weekend.....getting the oil changed in her car.....and folding a freakin' mountain of laundry that is currently taking up half the couch while Randy mows the lawn.  Still sounds better than being at work! 

I need to do a Friday Funnies post, I've been collecting some good ones!



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