Monday, July 27, 2015

Going back under my rock....

Actually I'm peeking out.  We just got back from vacation on Friday so I got up early-ish Saturday morning and went to a WW meeting so I could see how bad the damage was.  Up 2 lbs, which I guess wasn't too bad, considering.  The lady who weighed me in said the good thing about vacation pounds is that the weight floats around and hasn't decided on where to settle, so its easy to get rid of.  Heehee!  Hope she's right!  I didn't like the Saturday morning leader.  She wasn't particularly interesting and did a Christmas in July meeting, but I won a gift so I can't dislike her too much.  I got an actual set of measuring cups instead of the graduated 1 cup that I've been using.  

I'm not posting my tracking, since it clearly didn't happen.  I can honestly say - I did make good choices about 1/2 the time.  We did a TON of walking (when we weren't stuck in the car) but water was pretty scarce.  That was the worst part. There were several days I could tell I was dehydrated.

32 activity points!
I also racked up 6 points on Wednesday.  

Anyhooo, we left Friday the 17th, drove into Virginia.  Saturday, we made it to the coast for a reunion with a bunch of people I was in the Navy with.  Saturday night we spent in North Carolina.  Sunday we went to Digger's Dungeon, home of the monster truck GraveDigger, then we went to Kitty Hawk where the Wright Brothers took their first flight.  Sunday night we made it to Maryland. Monday we went to the beach between Maryland & Delaware (just to say we went to Delaware!) and did a lot of driving. Tuesday we hopped on the Metro and  went to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.  Then walked around Washington DC - the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Wall, Korean War Veterans Memorial (OMG - so touching!!) and the WWII Memorial.  Dinner was at the Hard Rock Cafe.  Wednesday we hopped on the Metro again and went to see the Lone Sailor statue, the Naval Heritage Museum, the Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, and finally onto Arlington National Cemetery.  Even tho we took the trolley around the cemetery, we still did a lot of walking.  Thursday we decided we needed to at least drive by the White House since we were close, and the Capitol, the Pentagon and the Air Force Memorial (no idea it existed - very cool!) Thursday night we were in Pennsylvania.  Friday morning we stopped by the Flight 93 Memorial and from there we were only 6 hours from home.  We got home around 7:30 Friday night.

Then we had a wedding to go to Saturday night, and had to retrieve the dog from my sister Sunday.  I'm sort of torn with my opinion of the DJ at the wedding.  You'd think after the first couple songs when the dance floor was a ghost town that he'd change up his selections.  Nope.  When he did finally play something good, the floor was packed!  Then he'd play crap and **crickets**.  So it was good since I was still tired & sore from all the walking, I didn't feel the need to dance.  But it was bad that we didn't hardly feel the need to dance!!

Whew.  We were busy!

HERE is a link to my FB album.  Let's see if that works - I've never tried this before.

As an initiated Shellback (a Navy tradition when crossing the Equator) 
I had to pay my respects to King Neptune on Virginia Beach. 

OMG, those N. Carolinans sure know how to do BBQ!!!  I had the turkey-que, but it came with baked beans & hush puppies & cole slaw.  And I devoured every bite.

So that's the deal here.  I'm still going to my Wednesday meeting, since I miss my fearless leader, Dez!   I've got a few minor challenges coming up.  This weekend is the grad party of one of Miss Angela's dance buddies and next weekend is hers!  I was doing fine at work today, calmly dealing with all that had piled up while I was gone - then I got an email from my sister asking how plans were coming along and if I needed any help?  BAM - stress!  I had a hard time concentrating on work after that.  I ordered the M&Ms in her school colors tonight and most food places that I've checked on only need 3-5 days or less to make up party trays.  I'm going to order the cake on my way home from work tomorrow.   But I digress.

Heehee, my other sister kept the dog while we were on vacation and apparently he got in the habit of taking a walk every night.  He came up around 9:30 pm and pressed his chin on my leg - a sure sign he wants my attention.  I took him outside and he just stood on the patio and looked at me before it dawned on me what he really wanted.  Luckily I was wearing a light colored top (almost dark out), so I grabbed his leash and we got a .8 mile walk in around the neighborhood.  That apparently made him happy, since he's snoring away now!


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