Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I lost the vacation pounds!

Hooray!  Was down 3.3 lbs since Saturday!  I guess the lady behind the counter was correct, they just didn't have a chance to settle anyplace and I was able to get rid of them! 

Anyhooo, Sunday I got back on the tracking wagon and did pretty good.  
 Activity points were average to meh.  18 for the week.

I'm skipping the nightly walk with the dog tonight.  I wore heels to work yesterday, which was fine, but I had to stop at the store and order the graduation cake for next weekend - and of course I parked at the wrong side of the store and had to walk to the opposite side for the bakery and to the back to get oatmeal.  So the balls of my feets felt raw.  I still walked last night, but I'll give them a rest tonight.  Tomorrow the plan is to mow the lawn and we'll see how I feel after that if I take him.  I probably will, just because I'm a sucker for puppy-dog eyes. 

So I have a question for anyone out there.  The hubby & I were in the car the other day.  We were sitting at a red light and I was idly watching a woman jog by.  I commented that I wondered what it was like to be so tiny.  It wasn't that she was super skinny, she was just short and petite and fit .... little!  There's no possible way I could ever have a physique like hers.  Besides being a full head taller than her, I have shoulders like a linebacker.  No amount of weight loss would ever change that.  It's kind of depressing, actually.  No one would ever look at me and think I was a fragile flower and would go out of their way to help me if I needed anything physical done.  Randy said it was OK, because I was tough and could take care of things myself.  Is that really such a good thing?  I can't even decide why this bothered me so much.  

Genetics are a weird thing.  There is no doubt that my sister Linda and I are related.  Besides having a lot of the same facial features, she's even bigger than I am.  The sister Laurie is short & thin & doesn't look like either of us.  Laurie looks taller here, because she's closer to the camera.  And you see how short Mom is. I never knew Dad's Mom, so maybe we got out shapes from her?  But Mom's Mom and Grandma were both similar in shape to Mom.  
Which goes on the hell did I spawn this scrawny little thing?
I'm hoping she was telling someone abut how excited she was to be getting ready to ride on a monster truck!!! (at Digger's Dungeon, Kill Devil Hills, NC)

Did I ever really ask my question?  Have you ever felt envy combined with disappointment and a little disgust that you know there's a shape you'll never be?  I know it's pointless to even think about it, but equating small=helpless and big=capable is a kind of stereotyping, isn't it? 

It's not fair, dammit!  


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