Saturday, May 30, 2015

Row Row Row your Boat.....

Just kidding - we haven't gotten anywhere near the rain they have in Texas!  We've probably got about an inch so far today and .7 of it was during the first storm this afternoon (I have a rain gauge & I checked!)  and we're supposed to get another inch tonight / tomorrow.  Guess I won't be mowing the lawn / finishing the flower beds this weekend!  A couple big trees have fallen in the 'hood.  A huge one fell across the road when I was home sick this week and landed on a car!  And when I picked Angel up this afternoon, a couple big branches came down out of the neighbor's tree 2 doors down.  I sort of wished they'd fallen on the pool that no person has been in since we have lived here.  There's a damn bush growing in it!!

This ant hill looks like a tiny tropical deserted island.

Today was pretty chill. Still napping whenever I get a chance. Last Friday night I came down with the Plague, graciously passed on from Miss Angela.  She only had it for 3 days and went to Cedar Point on the 4th and I've maybe heard her cough twice since.  Maybe that's what I need to do.....go ride some coasters!  I started out with a tickly throat and lost my sense of smell / taste early last Monday and missed out enjoying a gorgeous 2 inch thick steak that we'd gotten to grill. Tuesday I only made it thru a half day at work since everything started to drain - I swear my brain was leaking out of my nose!  Between the coughing, sneezing, nose blowing and generally feeling lousy...I announced I was taking my misery and going home and 2 of the dispatchers said "Thank you"! Wednesday I got up and saw Randy off to work and Angel off to school and went right back to bed for another 3 hours.  It's been crappy, but I'm slowly starting to feel better.  I still have no sense of taste or smell.  I took nail polish off my fingers and smelled nada.  Makes eating SUCK since I may as well be chewing on cardboard or tofu or packing peanuts.

So Miss Angela is out of school!  She had a half day yesterday, a class picnic and was free by 12:30!  I made a #tbt post on FB with this first day of Kindergarten pic - how cute was she with her sprout??
So she goes Tuesday to get her cap & gown.  Thursday is prom and Saturday is the BIG day!

She needs to consider looking for a job, but we're going to be on vacation for a week or so in July, so I wonder if its even worth her looking for one until after.  idk.  I'll have to consult with Randy and see what he thinks.  It would definitely keep her busy and out of trouble.  I had to take a week off right after getting hired at my work - I told them right away I'd need that time off since I was going out of town and they were OK with it.  She could do the same thing.

And she's already lost use of the car, except to go to the studio Monday.  I gave her the chance to run around all afternoon after school got out, she just had to be home before me.  And she knows I get home right around 4.  And since Randy installed one of the APRS trackers (a ham radio thing) in her car, I was able to see she went right home after school, then left again at 3 and went to McDonalds - where she proceeded to sit for over an hour.  She was with some boy - not her boyfriend - and he chose to sit and chill in her car and didn't seem to care that she had a curfew.  I told her he was clearly an asshole and why was she out with him anyway?  She said Joey knew and didn't care, but in fact he was pissed.  And she went to the mall with a bunch of people today and this guy was there again.  She's going to screw up her prom date within days of prom!  No business going out with other guys, even as friends.  In a group is different, but it's still beyond rude, knowing that Joey doesn't like this guy.

Anyhooo - rant over.

Hey!  I have some strawberry Crystal Lite in my water and I think I could taste it!  I could pick out odd things before like "sweet" or "salty" but this actually tasted like the real thing!  But 2 hours ago I couldn't taste the PB bagel I had....hmmm.  But that's OK!

I thought this was pretty neat.  I always take a flashlight when I take the dog outside, to check for unwanted furry black & white critters before I let him go.  As I was waiting, I swung the light over the patio and hit the rainwater pooled on the patio table and it reflected up like this.  With the movement from the sprinkles, it looked really cool.
Brrr, it got cold out there!  It's like 50 degrees!  Pretty sure the A/C can be shut off.

What happened to our spring??


  1. a glimpse in the life! i can totally relate!
    my teen boys are just now driving and push the limits with going places and making last minute plans, we're just starting the dating drama too - that's where i'm glad i have boys, they're a little more laid back!
    good luck! they grow up so fast, don't they!

    1. They do! I swear it wasn't that long ago I was sitting in Kindergarten orientation thinking "Class of 2015? That seems like forever!"


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