Thursday, May 21, 2015

Catching up....

I am loving this not-having-to-drive-anywhere thing!  So I mentioned before that I took Miss Angela to the Secretary of State last Wednesday and she got her drivers license!  She opted not to drive that night, since we had to go directly to the studio for classes.  But Thursday she spread her wings and flew solo!
Brat-face wouldn't wave as she pulled away!

I told her I couldn't wait to send her to the store for some random thing.  It happened Friday night.  I sent her to Little Caesars to get a $5 pizza & breadsticks.  She almost fell off the couch in her hurry to grab her purse & keys! 

Gosh nothing much has been going on, other than that excitement.  Randy hasn't been home much for the last 2 weeks.  He spent a week in Arkansas with his mom, then came home for 2 days and was off to Dayton for Hamvention.  And this week has been spent catching up at work - those ungrateful assholes.  That place makes me GRRRR.  But I digress. 

We found out not long before he left that his mom had cancer in her uterus, so he flew down there to be with her for surgery to remove her lady parts.  She was ok with that part, she said she wasn't using them anymore anyway!  But I guess she still needs chemo since it spread up into the tubes.  Randy's upset about that since she has always had really long hair and she's likely to lose it.  Oh man.  In my opinion, if that's what makes her healthy, we'll get her a nice hat or scarf.

ooo, juicy gossip!  Miss Angela showed me Monday night a text from her dance teacher Jon, saying he was done at the studio!  He was group chatting with her & Mal since they were both on his All-Star dance team and he thought they should know before they got to class that night.  I honestly didn't expect him to stay after this year, but I thought he'd at least wait until after the recital!  But I guess him & the studio owner are having irreconcilable differences and he's parting ways. So the other teachers are banding together to cover his classes for the next few weeks.  Sort of funny, I know the owner was pissed since he was teaching the same dance to the rec hiphop class that his All-Star team did.  So first thing they did was scrap the entire dance & are starting over with new music, too.  The recital is only less than a month away!  I'm know the competition kids don't have a problem with learning a new dance so quickly, but the non-comp kids are probably freaking out!

Last Tuesday was pictures at the studio.  I always get a 5x7 of her in each costume and it's getting tougher since she never wants to do the same pose as in the past, so she dinks around in front of the photographer until inspiration hits.  This is a pretty $$$ undertaking!  She had 13 costume changes, but one of them was for the acro group picture, and I don't need a photo of her in black shorts & bustier.  So 12 new ones for the "Angela Wall" in my living room.  These are last year's.  Sorry they're so dark, the lighting in the living room sucks at night.  
This particular wall will now never change. 
The little people on the shelf were our wedding cake topper.  I commissioned a lady to make googly-eyed figures that looked like Randy & I, Angel, Jack, Chester and my late Skeeter. 

Moving right along!

I saw someone else on our street had their sign out already, so I put mine out, too!

So this is "Seniors Week" at Utica HS.  Weelp, today was Senior Skip Day so I imagine it was pretty quiet around UHS.  Angel went to Cedar Point with her friends and she texted me not long after she got there this morning that the line for the Raptor roller coaster was only 30 minutes long and she hadn't seen the new coaster yet because they arrived and got distracted by a big bunch of other UHS kids there!  Monday they got a bagel breakfast and they were supposed to wear their future college gear (oops, I haven't seen much Macomb Community College gear around, tho!) Tuesday was "Girl Hush Day" and Wednesday was "Boy Hush Day".  So Tuesday, the girls couldn't talk to the Senior boys and Wednesday the boys couldn't talk to the girls. They wore beads and if they got caught talking to someone "forbidden", they had to give up their beads.  Today, for those who were actually at school (aka those poor saps with sporting events tonight), it was "Senior" citizen day - they could dress up as old people.  Which could be hilarious!
Pretty sure 2 of those balloons are on Miss Angela's bedroom floor.....

Last night I was at the school for an All Night Senior Party meeting so I went roaming the halls to see the decorations.  The mock election boards were up with all the nominees.  Angel was nominated for "Next Movie Star", which is much better than what her friend Brittney was nominated for - "Most Likely to Never Move Out".  They had a lot of categories.  Prettiest Eyes, Biggest Flirt, Best Hair, Next Apprentice, Next Einstein, Next to be on the Voice, America's Next Top Model (coincidentally - the boy who had been in that horrific accident was nominated for this.  He's the only one left in the hospital and is improving daily - thank the Lord!!) stuff like that. A sign said the winners would be crowned next week.
Seeing UHS all decked out made me happier than I ever was with my own high school.  I'm so glad that Angel has had a much better experience in school than I did.

So the prom dress has been altered and is home.  Hair appointments have been made (one for highlight touchups and one for styling), she knows when (and with who) she's getting her nails done. Tickets have been bought.  We still have to give Joey a swatch from her dress so he can get a tie or whatever to match, and she is still waiting for her "Promposal!"  Which seems pointless since they know they're going together.  But whatevs.

So school is over May 29, the are required for some reason to attend the class picnic until a certain time after school, and then they're free!

We don't have any exciting plans for Memorial Day weekend.  I'm sure we'll meet the family at the cemetery to visit Dad and then have lunch like we usually do.  I want to work in the yard. The flower beds need some serious attention.  I haven't decided if I'm going to plant my annuals yet. There's some hardscaping to consider.  Then I told Randy that he needs to update his resume and apply for a position he found that would be ideal for him (and make him a lot happier!) If he gets hired, it would mean moving out of state, but I'm perfectly OK with that. 

So Miss Angela is finally home from Cedar Point and told us all about her day - and she's finally off to bed.  Her ankle is really bothering her from all the walking & standing, even with her brace.  So I gave her some ibuprofen and she fully plans to sleep in tomorrow since they got a 4 day weekend.  Must be nice!

Later, all!


  1. New driver in the house! What an exciting, freeing and worrisome time! Prayers for you MIL.
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead.

    1. Thanks on both counts! We need all the prayers we can get.


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