Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hug your high school kids a little tighter.....

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It seems every spring there is something that happens that centers around high school kids.  This year is no different.

Last Friday,  5 boys representing all 4 high schools in our school district, were in a car accident and 3 were killed.  And a different accident happened about 2 hours later, taking the life of yet another boy. All of them were 17 years old.

Miss Angela has gone to school with one of the boys since 5th grade.  He was a lucky one and was hospitalized.  Although rumors are flying around about the 2 survivors likely being charged with DUI and possibly other charges.

No matter how stupid it is - that someone gave a bunch of teenagers access to a Jaguar, and alcohol was involved.  The fact is 6 different families were torn apart.  Thoughts & prayers to them all.

Really makes me nervous that Angel just got her license yesterday.  But I have to have faith that I raised her right and she makes good choices.

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  1. No matter how responsible we feel our children are on the road, it's the other drivers that give us cause to worry. I stress alertness and anticipation - be conscious of what other drivers are doing, what they might do next although in the case of alcohol, it's a tough one to know if someone is driving under the influence. So tragic, such a waste of young life and as you say, families have been torn apart by this. They are in my thoughts and prayers also.

    1. It's so sad for them. The boy Angela knows is still in the hospital, but out of ICU. He's not talking about what happened. Poor kid is going to need counseling.

  2. It's that ability to be mobile on their own that makes teens so vulnerable and makes the teen years so frightening. And no matter how good their judgement or raising, there's all those other fools out there. I've found all you can do is hand them over to God to protect and care for.

    1. I don't understand how they can let kids drive at 15. I don't feel they're ready for it that young.

  3. Whenever my daughter is late coming home from work, I worry. She is 18 and had for license for awhile and I still worry.

    1. Thankfully, hubby & I are both ham radio operators and there is a radio that is also a tracker, so he has one installed in all of our cars. So if she forgets to text me that she's arrived at the studio, I can look and see that she is. That makes it marginally better, but I still worry.


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