Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Funnies 051515

Hmm, I'm going to need to consult a thesaurus and find a new name for this post.  I need a place to share random pics found on my phone. 

I may or may not have seen this - we were at a dance competition so the curtain that had not moved all day suddenly started swaying.  Or it could have been someone running behind said curtain and hitting it.  btw, it was May 2 at 12:30ish  4.2 on the Richter scale. 

So off my phone!

I love when the crabapple & lilac bloom together.  My patio smells so good.  Too bad we got heavy rain right after this and washed all the petals off.  Grr. 
 Went to my sister's and saw movement in her garage window.  Went outside to look and saw this little guy caught in there.  He was bouncing off the glass like a fly, so I gently grabbed him and smoothed his wings down and carried him outside. I was surprised at how calm he was!  He sat there for a minute before flying away. 
 Last Saturday was a cousin's bridal shower.  She stole my bridal shower idea and had everyone wear "Derby Hats" even tho the Kentucky Derby was the previous week. 
 Mom & her girls.  We took her out to dinner Friday night. 
 3 generations!
 Angel & I spent the night and did this on Mother's Day. 
 Jack & Captain are buddies. 
 I tried to get them both with their feet in the air but it didn't happen.  
Wednesday I took Miss Angela to the Secretary of State and she got her driver's license!  Here she is Thursday driving off to dance all by herself! 

I am so excited!  We have NOTHING planned for this weekend!  No places to go, nothing going on....AWESOME!  The only thing that'll probably happen is we're wanting to go see Pitch Perfect 2 in the theater.  Yay!  Maybe I'll finally get all the tweaks done to the blogs, too! One can only hope.

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