Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Funnies 050115

I'm back to regular posting!!  I'll have my A to Z Reflections post up Monday to put on the linky over at and I may even have another post up Sunday.  We'll see!  Gotta catch you up on 2 different competitions the kid has been to!

Aw hell.  Not finding much to entertain me on Pinterest today.  Let's see what random stuff I have on my phone, shall we?

Discriminated-against jelly beans at the dance studio.

I turned around and went back into a parking lot to get this shot.  

Miss Angela and her duet partner, Katie talking to the emcee at a competition about their first place win. 

My boss's office for her birthday this week. 

Maddie looking out the back door. 

Have a Happy May Day!

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