Friday, June 5, 2015

Where are my tissues??

So tomorrow is the big day.....

Trying on the cap and still-wrinkled gown & orange do-hickey and figuring out what to wear. They're not allowed to wear sandals or 'athletic' shoes so she's wearing sparkly silver heels. I'll take her flipflops with me so she can change!

I'm so not ready for this!  Randy & I & Miss Angela went out to dinner tonight and as we relaxed in the cozy chairs in front of the fake fireplace at Tim Horton's and chatted, it finally occurred to Randy that she really is grown up!  When she's not being goofy or dramatic, it does show thru.  She doesn't always (or often) act like she's close to 18 years old.  I can easily still think of her as being 12.

Graduation tomorrow is held at the Palace of Auburn Hills - where the Detroit Pistons play.  They had to go there today for practice.  I was at work, so I printed out the easiest directions for her and she and her friend Shelby went on their way.  They took the scenic route home, but got there safely.  She's still not good with taking the quickest way to a destination.  It's often entertaining to look at the map connected to the tracker in the car and wonder what she was thinking!  But so far, I haven't gotten any calls saying she's lost!

Last night was The Prom.  They had a lot of fun, even tho she never got her official "Promposal" from Joey.  Oh well!

The girls. 
Angel's in the bright pink & BFF Brittney in black.  
 Prom Swag - no, she can't ever be 100% ladylike! 
 With the guys....
 Joey's mom had fretted about the color of his shirt, but I think it's a perfect match! 
I like this picture!
 With BFF Taylor
 Her phone matched her purse! 
 Here's the back of her hair.  It's disgusting that it stayed perfect all night. 
All of her bling was borrowed from Brittney and/or her mom! 

One of her dance friends stopped by the park to see her before heading off to class for the evening - she helped Angel get around since you can see the shoes she's wearing!

Brittney's dad was taking pics with a fancy camera and he thought she looked like a Barbie doll here!  He commented several times about her gorgeous hair.  I think he's horrified when she comes over their house wearing it up in a messy bun. 
 Mom selfie!

 One of my favorites shots of the afternoon. 
 Off to the Prom! 

They had a lot of fun.  Good food and dancing and lots of memories!

Tomorrow night is also the All Night Senior Party - I thought I'd accidentally volunteered to help out all night, but come to find out I signed up for just registration, so I'll be out of there around 1 am. Yay!  Don't think I could pull an all-nighter!

I'll be back soon with all of the Grad pics!


  1. What lovely pictures - that's my favorite, too, when they are all lined up on the stairs. Congratulations to Angela and can't wait to see the graduation pictures.

    1. Thanks! I am proud to say that I have not cried at all in the past few days. Tears threatened more than once, but they didn't fall!


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