Sunday, February 22, 2015

Checking in...

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday - staying warm if that's your case (like it is mine!)  Actually it's like 23* so it's almost balmy here!

I didn't go weigh in this past week - I came down with what I assume was a lovely case of food poisoning - probably from some leftover chicken I had Tuesday night.  Today is the first day I've felt somewhat back to normal.

Looking at my progress report so far this week - I have no idea how the scale is going to reflect this.  Way under on Thursday, Saturday & Sunday but way over on Friday.  I thought I was feeling better, so I had a BELT from Tim Hortons for breakfast - a bagel with bacon, egg, lettuce & tomato and a hash brown (NO Donuts!!!)  Lunch was leftover Chinese food - broccoli chicken.  Dinner we went to Panera and I had a You Pick Two combo with a bowl of french onion soup, a half sandwich with turkey, bacon, lettuce & tomato and one shortbread cookie.  Holy crap - that trip to Panera alone cost me 25 points!!  It sure sounds reasonable, but looking at their stats - what the hell do they make their bread out of???

I should have known Panrea was bad news - that food felt like it sat in my stomach all night and most of Saturday.  

I went easy today with a bowl of cereal at breakfast, a single serving size baggie of trail mix mid-day and some leftover spaghetti for dinner (I started this post before dinner so it doesn't show).  I was very cautious with that.  I'd been really looking forward to it but I made sure to eat slowly like one is supposed to do - putting my fork down and left plenty on my plate once I had enough. We'll see how this sits in the tummy.  

Activity this week has been nil.  I only had to make 2 trips of the dance shuttle this week.  She only had a couple classes Wednesday and still got out early since so many kids were out of town (this is mid-winter break - they had no school this week) and there was a special class this afternoon for kids who wanted to drop in, so she was there with her team.  I honestly felt like I was forgetting to do something!  I mean, I had evenings to stay home!  And I did.  Maybe a quick trip to the store on the way home and that's all I did!  Friday we went out for dinner and stopped in a 5 Below store and browsed for a bit.  Yesterday I went from my bed to the couch and one trip all the way to the mailbox!  

But anyway.  I am so done with this cold.  Our weather alert radio just went off a while ago with wind chill warnings again ... up to -25 below tonight and -15 below tomorrow.  There might not be school again!

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