Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2/25 weigh in....

Ya know it's really tough to come up with interesting post titles on this blog!  

I survived last week's bout of food poisoning and this week's PMS with a 0.5 lb loss.  I honestly didn't know how the scale was going to reflect it, so I'm quite pleased.

I don't know what it is about this time of year that things happen that cost tons of $$ (Randy's car, the furnace, dental crowns for me & the kid, dance comp fees, etc) and I feel guilty about wanting to start my gym membership back up.  I'm going to have to simply break down and rearrange the living room so I have a bit of space to use my Walk At Home DVDs.  That's all there is to it.  I need to get some exercise and with the lovely -20* wind chill they're calling for the next couple days....anything outside ain't gonna happen.

I really did have a 9 point day on Saturday.  A bowl of cereal and some popcorn were all that my tummy could handle.  And an 8 AP week?  I am so glad that I'm feeling better!

Since I didn't go to my meeting last week, this was my first meeting with my new "fearless" leader, Dez (Desiree).  I liked Eileen a lot, and Dez didn't disappoint.  She's very energetic & personable and funny, too.  She filled us in on the dangers of Girl Scout cookies tonight.  Surprisingly - most are 2 points each - and a couple are 1 !!   Which is good since I ordered 5 boxes from a little girl at the studio whose mom is one of Angel's teachers.

So this weekend we're going to see the monster trucks in Detroit on Saturday.  Normally we get downtown early, get a good parking spot close to Ford Field (and also the exit ramp to the highway) then walk around looking at the sights and have some dinner at the Hockeytown Cafe.     Sunday I'll probably be taking Angel & her duet partner to the mall so they can find matching leather jackets for their costumes. Ooo, maybe I'll walk some laps!


  1. You can still get in good workouts at home ... I'm thinking of investing in getting some kettlebells. I don't have much space in the house, so I think they may be a good thing to have at home. Let's see ...

    1. I've never used kettleballs so I'd have to do some research on them. I rather like my stretchy bands.


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