Sunday, February 8, 2015

Time is getting short!!

OK, this should be 6 days, but they haven't updated their FB page today!

They put the schedule of performances up on their website.  They're going to be performing all 3 dances on both Saturday and Sunday.  There's something odd with taking 60% of Saturday's score and adding it to Sunday's - I'm not sure how that works.  Anyhoo.  I'm so glad we got our hotel room for Sunday night, too since awards Sunday won't be til 10pm!  Then we can get up Monday, have a nice breakfast at the hotel, then take off when we're ready.

There's a LOT of teams going!  Most are from this side of the US - Michigan (only 4 from here), Ohio, Wisconsin, Virginia, Kentucky, etc. Then there's one from California coming in and another from Japan!  I really want to watch them.  Angel says she hopes they don't compete again the Japanese kids, since they're probably amazing!

I'm going to have to take Miss Angela out of school at lunchtime Friday, since they plan to meet at 6 Friday night and they have a time slot to try out the floor at 7.    Google Maps says it takes 4 hours, 34 minutes.  We can get to the hotel, settle in & chill for a bit before having to go.  Our hotel is only a couple miles from the convention center.

So this is going to be fun / interesting.  I'm going to have to try to remember to post updates on Twitter & stuff while I'm there.  And let me tell you - Jonathon better hurry up & produce some costumes!  Angel's got shoes & tights & that's all.

So where did I leave off last post?  We ended up with a good 14 inches of drifted white crap dumped on us Sunday / Sunday night.  Monday was a snow day for a LOT of places. They emailed Randy while we were watching the Super Bowl that only necessary personnel needed to report on Monday.  Angel's school called before that and I was actually going to attempt to make it in to work, although late.  Yeah, after spending 3 hours clearing the driveway Monday morning - me shoveling and Randy using the ancient wasn't gonna happen.  My arms were dead.   Angel & I had cleared a good 4-5 inches off Sunday afternoon, too.  So we settled in and didn't plan on going anywhere until school and work (for me) happened Tuesday.  Randy had some days off, so he happily stayed in bed and watched us go.

It's funny that after having a couple really cold days, you feel as tho 35* is balmy.  I was out running errands in just a hoodie today!   One day last week, it was 0* when I took Angel to the bus stop and she asked what I'd done magically the day before where it felt so much warmer in the had been 26* the day before so it WAS a lot warmer!

I dropped her off at dance today & stopped in both JoAnn Fabrics and the Christmas Tree Shop to browse for a bit while I was alone.  Randy hasn't been feeling well, sore throat & sinuses & such so he got up for some breakfast and promptly went back to bed.  I haven't heard much other than snoring for the past 2 hours out of him. Hopefully he feels better after a bunch of rest.  Guys are such whiners!  I came home with some beads & charms to make cool stuff for my Halloween apothecary and some St. Pats decorations (including a leprechaun nutcracker!!)  I didn't see any Valentines stuff I liked.  JoAnns is already coming out with spring & Easter stuff!  Sheesh.

SQUEEE!  Turquoise skulls!

OMG, I actually watched TV this weekend! TV doesn't usually hold my attention and I end up wandering all over the house, doing randomness. Friday night we watched the Croods - a cartoon movie about the caveman family - it was really cute!  Angel occasionally gets to watch Grey's Anatomy (and House, etc) in her nursing class at school so she turned on season 1, episode 1 and we got engrossed.  I could probably get into watching that.   Then after dinner, she turned on some cheesy movie, I think it was supposed to be a horror type movie but it was so stupid - Cheerleaders Must Die - it was so BAD it was hilarious. I can't believe we watched the whole thing.

So I should probably go get something productive done while it's quiet here.  Later!


  1. Best of luck to your Ange! Pray you don't have any more snow to contend with on the trip.
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

    1. Thanks! I've already started watching the weather reports - praying NO MORE SNOW !!!!

  2. Really....Cheerleaders Must Die...that's the best you could do? :)


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