Thursday, February 12, 2015

I shouldn't be sitting here....

I haven't even begun to pack and my goal is to be on the road to Kentucky at noon tomorrow!

JamFest Dance Super Nationals - here we come!

I'm pretty sure we have all the parts to all of the costumes together, except for the top of the jazz dress that Miss Angela is currently rhinestoning.  A dancer can never have too much bling!  You can bet there will be pictures later.  If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter or FB, you'll see them sooner.  Results, too.  Angel told me they only have one other team in their division for jazz and they feel the most confident with that dance. If they win their division, they get jackets and that's pretty awesome.

I brought her duffle bag home from the studio, to air her shoes out.  And trust me, I don't want that toxic aroma in my house, so they're out in the nice cold garage.  It is also pretty interesting to inventory said shoes every so often.
*1 pair of Converse high tops
*3 pairs of black tap shoes (not sure where one of those came from!)
*1 pair of black jazz booties
*2 pair of tan jazz booties (not sure where one of these came from either!)
*7 turners (an odd number???) , these are sort of like half ballet slippers, that cover half the foot with elastic behind the heel.
*1 pair ballet slippers
*1 pair of paws that just slip over the toes & cover the ball of the foot
*1 pair of tan tap shoes

and in the house are the ones she is taking this weekend...
*1 pair of "freeform" jazz shoes for jazz & pom
*1 pair of sparkly Kombat boots for hiphop

And we left her pointe shoes at the studio.  

That's a lot of freakin' shoes.  We could actually get rid of several of these.  1 pair of the black tap shoes are ones that my niece wore for a season - she clearly didn't do much with them since they were barely scuffed!  Both the tan tap & jazz shoes.  She hasn't worn tan shoes for a while.   And some of the turners are in bad shape & can be tossed.

I was hoping she was going to get a week break after Nationals.  Nope.  Next week is mid-winter break at school and the studio goes by the same general schedule.  But she has a couple classes next Wednesday.  Some rest is better than none, I guess.  Hopefully her aches & pains get a chance to heal.

Randy is mostly over his bout of the Plague and sadly gave it back to me.  He slept most of last weekend and was sent home from work Monday, then worked from home Tuesday.  At least this time it's mainly just a stuffed up nose & tickly throat.  Ugh.  We're gonna have an extra kid in our hotel room this weekend, and I don't want to give this to any of them!!

Oh crap, my mind is starting to wander so I better wrap this up.  Gonna be a busy day tomorrow!

OMG, first look at what I found online!

Beagle Bonez!  I wanted a dog for my Halloween display and didn't want the bulldog that I saw in all the stores.  Grandin Road had a big one but they are too pricey for me.  This one is too perfect!  Jack didn't quite know what to think of it wearing his old harness and getting to be on the leash.

Friday Funnies......on Thursday night - close enough!!
...except for hockey.  
This one is sadly true.  I was singing at Meijer tonight! 

It's supposed to be crazy cold here this weekend and not much warmer where we're gonna be in Kentucky - so stay warm, ya'll and have a great Valentines Day!


  1. Good luck! Weather is supposed to nasty in Kentucky next week!

    1. Thanks! We left about an hour before they issued the snow emergency - whew!!


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