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Where I come from - Detroit

Where I Come From

Today I'm linking up over at Ashley to Awesome for the "Where I come from" linky party.

OK, I'm not really from Detroit, I'm from the 'burb called Shelby Township.  Shelby Twp isn't the most exciting place so I'm claiming Detroit.  It is so much cooler and interesting and really not that far away.  I won't go into the past details like it was first settled in 1701 and everyone knows all about the lousy reputation it has. Yes, some places you really don't want to be in - even in broad daylight - but most areas are OK and some are stunning & beautiful & friendly to all.  Like most big cities, I'd imagine.

These pics aren't taken today - it's foggy & rainy & gray out there today.  So I compiled some pics from a couple other trips I've made.

Let's drive south on I-75.  The 5 towers are the GM Renaissance Center.

You can ride on the People Mover.

We have a Hard Rock Cafe.  Detroit has a rich musical history, which is why one of its nicknames is Motown - for developing that sound.   It's also home (well Michigan is) to certain nobodies like Bob Segar, Kid Rock, Madonna, Eminem, and Ted Nugent.

The Detroit Princess Riverboat.  You can take a dinner cruise on the Detroit River.

The carousel at Rivard Plaza at the end of the Detroit Riverwalk.
The Riverwalk is awesome on a nice day. 

Hart Plaza

The Spirit of Detroit.

He's pretty cool that he has jerseys to wear whenever one of our pro sports teams make the playoffs.  
He gets a lot of use out of his hockey sweater.

Speaking of hockey.....

You know in the song "Don't Stop Believin'" there's the line that gets screamed at all Wings games - born & raised in SOUTH DETROIT .......?  This is what is actually south of Detroit.....  
The only place in the US where Canada is south of us.

btw, don't attempt that song at any other event.  They played that song at last year's Monster Jam and I was one of about 12 people in all of Ford Field to scream it.  I was mortified!  And proceeded to do the wave alone, too.

Comerica Park (home of Tiger baseball) is very pretty.

This guy out front wears jerseys, too.  It's pretty neat to see the Tiger wearing a Wings shirt!
me & the hubby

The Fox Theater.  Hard core entertainment that day!

Hockeytown Cafe.

St. John's Episcopal Church.  Beautiful!

Looking from Hockeytown Cafe across the parking lot to Comerica Park and seeing Ford Field peeking thru.

Central Methodist Church

So I need to wrap this up, since we are going to be heading back down there this afternoon to see the Monster trucks again - it's an annual tradition with us.  We have missed 1 show since 2000 and it was due to a nasty ice storm.

There are a lot more places I could show you, but these are the ones I have visited recently.  The Wayne State University campus is stunning, but I haven't been there since right after high school.

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  1. Lisa, Thank you so much for linking up with me! I really enjoyed reading this post. I love that the people mover is pink. Over here in Portland we have the Max and it's plain old white. I love all of the pictures you shared... and I totally would have done the same thing and screamed South Detroit.


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