Saturday, January 4, 2014

I need intervention.....

I got probably 97% of my Christmas stuff put away today.  I filled a total of 2 - 31 gallon Rubbermaid totes (big enough for a teenage girl to curl up in with room to spare - we tried!) with just nutcrackers.  Sad part is .....they still didn't all fit. 

For fun, I decided to document my collection. 
I have entirely too many to name them all, but some do have titles. 

Let's start with the big ones.  These guys are 42 inches tall. 

Sir Owein,  Sir Jasper, Sir Richard. 
I've read too many historical romance novels!

Now the next smaller ones.... 24 inch-ish
the second one from the right is ROBERT!

Slightly smaller....22 inch-ies

These are around 14 inchers......

 The sailor on the left was my first and only nutcracker for the longest time. 

 My name was on Santa's list already.  
I had to write Randy & Angela on it. 

 The one in the center is Vladimir the Fabulous. 

 I know I have 2 zebra guys.  One is covered in funky beads.  
The other I am thinking of painting. 

 I'm sure you can figure out Sam & Pedro. 

...and the next smaller...8-10 inches
Olaf is in the center. 

 The second from right needed help when I got him from the Salvation Army.  
I'm happy with his restoration.  He was downright scary before!

 The one is being shunned since Angel didn't finish painting him.  
He also was in horrible shape when I bought him, no arms or anything. 
He should look pretty neat when she finishes.

These are the smallest of them all.  They range from about 3 - 7 inches. 
The one in the middle has rabbit fur for hair & beard.  
His name is Gabriel, aka Fluffy!

LOL, I lined up an American, a Canadian & a Mexican!  
NAFTA of nutcrackers! 


 The one on the far right isn't technically a nutcracker - it's a Rauchermann smoker.  He comes apart and inside there's a platform for one of those incense cones and the smoke will come out of his mouth.

One of my favorite acquisitions this year! 

And so....the total is.......90 !!  


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