Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Can't wait for April !!

The official sign up is going on over at the A-Z Challenge page !!

I'm only signing up 2 blogs this year, instead of all 3.  #277 & 278!   I always sign up my Maple Grove Cemetery blog for the Countdown to Halloween and the 13 Days of Creepmas but I'm going to let it relax this April.  I'm afraid I'll run out of ideas!

I'm going to stick with my theme of randomness & a bit of Michigan-love for this blog and over at ......Slow & Steady is going to be health / weight loss related as usual.

Guess I better get busy!  I have a spreadsheet that I've been filling out for the last couple months, keeping track of topic ideas.  Now I need to get the draft posts pre-scheduled and topics written.

Bring it on!!

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  1. I signed up but only one blog! It's hard enough to make it through the month with 26 posts on one blog, 2 blogs would mean 52 posts! Whew!


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