Friday, January 3, 2014


OK, this shit is cold, even for a Michigander!  Here's our clock / thermometer from this morning when I was bundling up to take to dog outside.

Yup. -2 degrees F.
It rose to a whopping 15 degrees! 

At least today it was pretty still out.  It was windy yesterday and I really thought my face was going to freeze and break as I was out shoveling the driveway after work. Looking at the bright side - when its that cold, the snow is powdery & light.

I've been to the gym several times. I now know what my weights should be set at for each machine and I'm also learning what other people do that annoy me.  Dude - don't sit on the machine and visit with other people.  And little Bimbo?  If you can't figure it out, there are simple pictures on each machine on how to use it.  You look like a moron when you use it wrong.  And there's a different machine for what you're trying to do. So get the hell out of my way!

My workouts have been more or less like this.....12 minutes on the elliptical.  It works out to be 1.6 miles. Then I go the machines.  Then I did about 20 minutes (1 mile) on the treadmill.  10 minutes at a fast walk, then gradually drop the speed down.  Last night I stayed on each machine for the 3 sets of 10-12 reps (instead of going to each one 3 times) since people were in my way.   I'm feeling more sore than I have been, so that's a good thing!  And I wore my headphones on the elliptical and listened to Navy cadences, so that time went much quicker.

I'm sort of miffed.  My iPod with it's earbuds and arm strap has been sitting on my desk for over a year and wouldn't you know as soon as I wanted to go plug it in to charge it, it's gone!!  I have no idea where it could be.  So I had to use regular headphones and my phone, which is not a compact setup.  Grr.

I totally missed going to WW last night.  For the past 2 weeks, I've worked Monday, had Tuesday & Wednesday off, then worked Thursday & Friday.  My days are all screwed up!  I kept thinking yesterday was Monday, so I missed the meeting until late last night.  It was probably crazy anyway.  The first month or so of the new year always is.  I was honestly expecting the gym to be a lot crazier than it was.  I walked in shortly after 5 and there were maybe 4 people there.  Awesome!  It started to fill up around 6, but I was almost done.

So we're supposed to get another 6-14 inches of snow Saturday night / Sunday.  Yay.   Miss Angela went back to school Thursday and had a 20 minute early dismissal due to crappy roads.    Then we got a call last night that school was cancelled today.  Well, that day was about pointless!  Ours is one of the few districts in the area that actually went back that early.  We also get a full week off in February for mid-winter break instead of just a long weekend like most others, so it evens out.

I'm going to go look for my iPod, so signing off!  Stay warm!


  1. Hope you find your iPod! I drives me crazy when I can't find things.
    Your gym routine sounds good! I miss lifting weights -- my wrist injury has me banned from the weight room for a while. Stay warm!

    1. I did find it! I don't know how I missed it. But the earbuds weren't with it, so I still have a mystery. But I replaced them easily enough the last time I went to Walmart. I'm ready to go!


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