Thursday, January 9, 2014

!st weigh in of 2014!

I was so messed up with a funky work schedule over the holidays that I missed going to my meeting last week!  As the WW greeter told me, too many Mondays! 

So I'm pretty happy with my 1.4 lb loss.  I was feeling pretty good going into the meeting so that just made it better. 

First - my WW eTools progress report for the week....

We went out to diner last night, so Wednesday's line is pretty high.  I had grilled steak & shrimp from Max & Erma's and since it was free cookie Wednesday, 2 scrumptious chocolate chip cookies, hot from the oven. 

OMG, I can't believe I have never taken pictures purely for the purpose of progress.  I wish I would have 59 lbs ago! 

These were 1/6/14 at approximately 210 lbs.   I'm also showing off my new haircut.  I got about 5 inches lopped off.  I'm liking this much better.  I may grow it out an inch or two and keep it that long. 

 Photobomb by Chester. 

I feel "meh" about the front & side views, but the back makes me cringe.  Especially the shoulder / arm area. 
I guess this is a good thing, since now I know where I want to concentrate at the gym!  

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