Saturday, January 25, 2014

So done.

I am so done with winter.  Yes, this is another "winter - whine" post that are flooding blogs & Facebook feeds.  We've already had 5 school days cancelled and judging by the "DTX Weather Story" - we're in for a few more!  I am so glad that Angel is old enough to stay home alone.


Anyhooooo, I was able to go out and get the drifted snow cleared off the driveway this afternoon without turning into an ice cube.  In fact, I worked up a sweat!   That's what I get for not clearing snow right away & driving on it.  My arms are now dead.

I'm all by my lonesome right now.  Randy is up north doing radio stuff for the Sno-Drift and Miss Angela is over at a friend's house for the night.  I haven't been sleeping well lately, so I think I'll dink around here on the 'puter for a while, then grab a glass of wine or 2 and see if there's anything on TV that may interest me. It was so quiet in my bedroom last night that I heard one of the cats snoring.  I have a white noise app on my phone, I think I'll use it!

Let me see.  I have seen photos of 6 of Miss Angela's 9 dance costumes. Apparently they have decided on the ballet costume, but not for the tap or hiphop lines yet.  I'm glad that the teachers are her studio find cute costumes, because I used to cringe at some of the hideous things my niece used to have to wear.  FUGLY, I tell you!!

So there's an interesting twist in her small group jazz - there had been 5 girls in the class.  One had to drop out, for whatever personal reasons. So Gabby, the teacher, didn't want them to compete against groups of up to 9 dancers, so she auditioned the younger girls and chose 2 that had the most promise.  As soon as that was announced, we all knew little Gianna would be picked, since she's really good.  I've never really paid much attention to Hannah, since she was never in any small groups before. But she must be good, too!

I've learned to NOT go to the gym, and then right to a Weight Watcher meeting.  Apparently pumped muscles weigh more than relaxed ones.  My 1.5 lb gain proved that, and my leader agreed.  Boooo.

So not much else is going on.  I haven't seen much of Randy lately - last thursday (the 16th, someone at this work decided they needed an experienced programmer to go babysit an inventory is LIttle Rock and they chose him to fly out Friday!  He got home Monday night.  Then Wednesday he went up north and will be home tomorrow night.

Apparently pizza is on the dinner menu tomorrow, since Angel has gift certificates for free crazy bread from Little Sleazers. She got them from school for passing all her classes last semester - so far no summer school -YAY!!!!

Alrighty, now that I've rambled and made no sense - I'm going to get that bottle of wine and park my butt on the couch for a while.


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