Sunday, January 19, 2014

Monster Jam, Detroit

OK, I'm a bit late, since this took place back on the 11th.  I was rather disappointed, since my 2 favorite trucks were not there.  Blue Thunder hasn't been there the last couple shows & this is the first time Avenger hasn't played.  Boo.

There is another show in March, but we probably won't go to that one. 

As usual, lots of pics!  I took 250+, so I am posting a still from racing & an action shot or two from freestyle. 


I always try to get us seats on what would be the "home" side of the Ford Field.  This time we were on the "away" side.  We were in the 2nd deck, row 6, right in the middle of the arena. Nice seats, but my knees were up against the seat in front of me.  I'd hate to see really tall people try to sit in them. 
  One of Angel's friends was there across from us.  They found each other using flashing lights & text messages. 
Before the carnage. 

 Northern Nightmare.  
I'd have to say my 2nd favorite truck out of this field. 
He ended up with a flat tire in freestyle. 

Iron Outlaw

 Mohawk Warrior (the driver and his helmet also had a mohawk)
He ended up losing a tire off the rim during the racing & freestyle.  

 D-Molisher.  This was sponsored by a local radio station. 


 Maximum Destruction "Max-D"
This was the first time I'd seen someone other than owner Tom Meentz drive this truck, and it was obvious in the racing.   But he won the freestyle, so I can forgive him. 
He lost the hood of the truck partway thru freestlye. 

Zombie has to be my favorite in this group.  
The arms are new. And entertaining!

During intermission between the racing & freestyle - they had FMX riders out doing tricks on their dirt bikes.    I missed what happened, but one of the guys fell while jumping over the bus in the middle of the arena & had to be taken out by paramedics.  I saw him lifting his head still in the helmet & waving so that was good. 

 Iron Man.  
He beat Gravedigger by a bumper in the racing & Angel was ticked! 
He didn't go far in freestyle.  Ended up on his lid. 

What a save!!

He didn't last too long in freestyle, for obvious reasons.
He ended upside down, too.  

El Toro Loco - with one of 2 female drivers.
She came in 3rd in freestyle!

 Monster Mutt Dalmatian - with the other female driver.

 Mopar Muscle

This was a sweeeet tow truck bringing that RV out. 
Very shiny & lots of blinky lights.

He didn't do well last year, either.  One hard landing & he broke. 

 Gravedigger - Miss Angela's favorite
He didn't go far in freestyle - he broke something under the truck.  Disappointing. 

 Krazy Train
He's got a new look this year, but wasn't running well.  Sounded like he couldn't get it into higher gears. 

Bad News Travels Fast
Him & Bounty Hunter didn't do any racing.  They came out for freestyle only.  
No idea why.  

Bounty Hunter
He ended upside down. 

Some of the after carnage.....

Granted it wasn't as nice out as last year (sunshine & hoodies!) but we got there early and parked in a lot right outside ford Field and also practically at the entrance to the expressway.  So we came out & were on the way home in no time!  Worth the $40 in that chaos. 

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