Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Friend Makin' Monday - Food Matters (late!!)

UGH! I was so busy trying to stay busy so I didn't crash yesterday that I didn't get to FMM! I've been sick for about a week and am just getting over it. On the plus side, I got a ton done at work, most of the outdoor Halloween stuff (and I have a LOT) put away and went to the kid's dance studio to do some more painting - this time in the staff lounge. There's not a wall in that place that I haven't painted and I'm pretty sure there's not anything else to do. Finally!

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Food Matters

1. Are you familiar with GMO’s? Is it an issue that matters to you? I have a hard time believing something created in a lab can be good for us. I keep picturing evil scientists.

2. List a few items that are typically on your grocery list. Fresh fruits & veggies, milk, yogurt.

3. What is your favorite place to shop for produce? I usually go to the little local Hollywood Market- they have an awesome meat counter! But only the basics for produce. If I want a bigger selection, I go to Kroger.

4. Do you eat processed foods? Yes. Not as much as I used to, tho. Oh wait. Lean Cuisines / Smart Ones are processed - I usually take those for lunch at work.

5. Do you look for the “organic” label when you shop? Not really.

6. What did you eat for breakfast this morning? Oatmeal with some protein powder, Greek yogurt & PB2 mixed in.

7. How many meals per week do you cook at home? Hmm, breakfast & lunch - hardly ever. On the weekends, it's usually "fend for yourself". We eat when we get hungry. Dinners I'd have to say 6 times a week. It's tough to work around the hubby being late at work and the crazy dance schedule the kid has.

8. Do you think that foods that have been genetically engineered should be labeled? Totally!

9. What matters most to you when you’re choosing a restaurant? Atmosphere & the menu.

10. What is your favorite meal to cook at home? Oh, there are lots! Spaghetti & lasagna go over well with the picky-asses (kid & hubby). Anything on the grill is good. Basically, things I know the noses won't be turned up at & actually happily eaten.

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