Monday, November 18, 2013

Tremaine 2013

As usual, this was a very fun weekend!  I was pretty happy that I actually got to stay for the entire thing, instead of dropping Miss Angela off and leaving right away.  This is her 4th time going & I've never seen her ballet classes! 

There was a small misunderstanding with our room.  We were under the impression that a VIP suite slept 6, so that's what we got.  Besides us, Laura & Maloree, we had Angela (mom) and Christina (new to the team) in there, too. Once the room was finally ready, I went to check it out.  One part of the suite was a regular room with a King sized bed, TV cabinet, table / chair and bathroom.  Then the adjoining door opened and the other room was like a huge living room.  Another TV cabinet, bathroom, a sofa sleeper, a beautiful kitchenette & dining table.  However, I didn't see where it slept 6!!  So Angela went to talk to them at the desk.  She was told that noone should have told her it slept 6.  5 at the most.  5?!?!?  Where???  There was 1 bed & 1 sofa sleeper!  So she managed to get 2 rollaway beds at no cost and also 3 vouchers for breakfast at one of the restaurants.  Awesome!  The 3 girls ended up in the king bed & I had the sofa sleeper, Laura & Angela on the rollaways.  It was a nice room, tho. 

2013 / 14 Dancers Only Competition Team
They were facing the fancy, glassed in elevators in the hotel and as they were posing, they saw Tony (the street choreographer whom everyone is in love with) in the elevator.  There was swooning all around when he came around the corner & whipped out his own camera & took a pic of the team! 

Our door.  

Jeff, ballet
(with Ashley)

during ballet

Keri, Contemporary
(with Ashley again!)

during contemporary

Laurie, Rhythm Tap
(again, with Ashley)

Laurie's shoes - they are mesmerizing when she dances!!

Waiting for the scholarship auditions.
They had about 10 minutes to learn a ballet combination & perform it as best as they could. If they got pulled aside, they moved on.  None of our girls made the first cut, but ballet is not the strongest point of anyone at DOS!  

Ready to audition!

OMG! Marty Dew!!
(with Kayla this time)

Making faces at me while putting on her shoes.  
~someone~ was asked if she packed all her shoes, but managed to leave both her hightops (that she wanted Marty to sign) and her Kombat boots at home.  So she wore her new Vans. 

Marty signing her hat. 


Tiffany, lyrical
(Ashley again)

Ashley, Angel & Kayla in lyrical

during lyrical

Tony, street
He was a finalist on So You Think You Can Dance and also just finished shooting the Step Up 5 movie. 

For some reason I didn't get any pics of her with Derrick, the Jazz teacher - so here he is from 2 years ago with Mal & Angel photobombing.  I apparently didn't take any pics last year?  That's crazy talk, but I can't find anything other than team pics on my computer or any blog posts or on Facebook!

Joe Tremaine, the brains behind this all. 

We had a lot of fun Saturday night.  Laura, Angela & spawn went out to eat, but we went to Terina's (studio owner) suite for pizza and eventually the adult beverages. Then girls wandered off to hang out in other people's rooms or to the pool.  I stayed and visited with other moms.  After a few beverages, the conversation got risque and it was hilarious!  I thought some of these women were prudes - I was WRONG!  LOL!  Then some of us got up to dance & Terina announced to the world that I could twerk, so I had to demonstrate.  Etc, etc. etc.  We also received drink tickets for a dinky bar in the hotel lobby, there wasn't much selection, so I got a Coors Light.  It didn't go well after drinking Pina Coladas, vodka & Monster and watermelon vodka with Sprite. I went back to my PCs.  I finally herded Laura & Angela back to the room around midnight,  they were in much worse shape than I.  I thought I was going to have to smother them with pillows!!  The girls were highly entertained. 

I was up at 7am, Sunday and happily did the Happy Good Morning song & dance for the girls.  Mal & Christina giggled, but Angel didn't even move. 

They were done with classes at 2:30 and the faculty show was right afterward.  Then we stalked Tony so she could get him to sign her hat, then we were in the car at 3:20.  Yay!  

I have no idea why I cannot drive into Detroit or the surrounding areas without getting twisted around and finding all those really bad areas that you hear about!!  Going there, I took I-94 and got off on Michigan Ave.  I somehow missed that intersection and suddenly did not recognize the area & it seemed pretty seedy.  So I grabbed my phone & looked at the map app and realized I was going parallel to 94.  So I turned down a side street, hoping to find the on-ramp.  I did, but we drove by those run down creepy houses that are a stereotypical Detroit slum, with the burnt out house and broken furniture.  It's so sad since those houses had to be beautiful back in the day!  

Anyhooo, 90 minutes later we arrived at my sister's house to get the dog.  I went out to help her put the horses away for the night & we visited for a while.  By the time we went to leave (someone was tired & crabby) those lovely storms showed up.  There were times that the rain was a soft, nice rain, but then it would look like we hit a wall and it would just downpour!  That's when I could barely see past the front of the car!  We finally got home and listened to the wind.  I was so glad I had all the patio furniture & the last of the Halloween stuff put away before this hit!  I even took the wind chime & bird feeder into the garage. My flagpole snapped, too. Luckily,we haven't lost power.  Lots of people have. 

I bet there won't be much dancing done at classes tonight, they're going to be still giddy about this past weekend! 

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