Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ugh, where is that wagon??? 13 in 13 update

So yeah - I've totally fallen off the wagon lately.  I haven't been tracking, I've been shoveling Halloween candy in like there's no tomorrow and I haven't done a bit of actual exercise.  So the 2 lb gain I had this week really isn't a big surprise.  Being sick for the past week or so hasn't helped me out in the slightest!

So here are my monthly progress reports - since I've sucked badly at posting the weeklies.

For my 13 in 13 update - basically I failed in just about all aspects of it for October.  Sure didn't attend all the meetings, I haven't been posting my weekly progress reports, I did do OK with the activity points.  Meal planning has been so-so. 15 minutes per day working on the house - HA!  I did however, have a fence around the cemetery at Halloween!  That was a goal!  Granted I had bought 4 rolls (60 feet total) of 2' tall garden fencing from Lowe's, but it looked great!  And as for veggies....meh.  But tonight, since I'm home alone....I had Sweetly Sauteed Brussels Sprouts.  I think it's supposed to be a side, but I had it alone.  Pretty tasty!  A whole lot better than boiled & swimming in butter!

So for November, we're supposed to think about random acts of kindness that we can do.  Every year, I always put $$ in every Salvation Army red kettle that I pass.  I already know that I will have a carload of girls this year driving to Ford Field 3 days in a row, for rehearsals for the Lion's halftime show on Thanksgiving. That helps out several other parents. And while we're at my sister's house at Thanksgiving, I always go out & take care of the horses for her so she can sleep in.  Are acts of kindness selfish if you enjoy doing them??

Anyhoooo, I'm going to be more conscious of my blogging (do it more!!) and also getting back on the program.  Along with those 2 lbs, I've noticed that I feel blah.  It didn't help that we had family portraits last night & the pose we did was not exactly flattering for either Randy or I.

However, I do really like this one!

Have a great week!

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