Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy (1st week of) November!

Sheesh it's been insane around here lately!

Trying to get all my Halloween stuff set up, having to stop what I'm doing at random times to take Miss Angela to dance, the requisite family outings (ugh!), Domestic Goddess chores, and of course....a Witch Crawl for Charity!

We all (approximately 50 witches) met at bar #1 the Saturday before Halloween, had a few beverages.  Got on a bus, had another beverage and drove what seemed like forever to bar #2.  Had fun looking at other people's costumes & dancing & having more beverages.  Got on a bus, opened a beverage and didn't even realize we moved, went to bar #3 (it was across the street from #2) danced & had more beverages.  Back on the bus and yet another beverage or 2 to bar #1 and went home.  Honestly I drank more that night than I have in the past year or so combined! On the plus side, a percentage of our tab at each bar went to breast cancer research - hence the pink witches!

It was a family affair!
These are my sisters Laurie (left) and Linda (right).

Co-worker Lisa & me

Co-worker Gerri & me

It was a lot of fun - and thankfully, bar #1 was only about 2 miles from my house, so Randy was the DD for Laurie & I.  She stayed the night so she didn't have to skip the beverages.

I was pretty useless all day Sunday thanks to the Witch Crawl, but I did drag myself out to get pumpkins & carve them!  We made the mistake of telling Angel years ago that she could get as big of a pumpkin as she could carry herself.  All of her dancing & stuff has made her a strong cookie, so hers is the ginormous one in the back.

I was pretty happy with how the cemetery looked this year. I'm starting to figure out how to get the intense blue & green lights that I want to bad.  And I'm already thinking about improvements for next year.  Apparently that's the sign of a true Haunter and not just someone who throws some stuff in the yard for the night. Halloween is truly a lifestyle & not just a holiday!

This is how I made the best of the gas company digging in the yard.  At the request of the guys who did the digging, I made a special stone for this new "grave".  

I finally got my fence!  Granted I cheated and got 4 rolls of garden fencing from Lowe's, but it was definitely cheaper & less time consuming than making the length that I needed.  60 feet worked quite nicely.

This one needed a special place, since it is such a cool stone.
From Secret Reaper #1

Jayne & Hugh (from Secret Reaper #2)

Miss Angela started out at a party, but did go Trick or Treating with a bunch of people from school.  
Her & Shelby were cats - how original!

View from the neighbor's driveway.  

LOVE the blue!  This is the look I'm dreaming of!
I may need to corral the blowmolds in a different part of the yard, tho.  
They wash out the color. 


And now the reverse is true, trying to get everything sorted out & put away.  All of the blowmolds are in the shed.  I took the Christmas ones out & washed them down, so they're ready to be put up (after Thanksgiving!)  The fences still need to be rolled & stowed. And I've barely begun to take stuff down inside. This weekend is the first of the craft shows with the family.  Next weekend is the Tremaine dance convention downtown & the weekend after is craft show #2.  Then there's 3 days of running to Ford Field for halftime show rehearsals, Thanksgiving & a trip to Huckleberry Railroad / Crossroads Village for the Christmas tree lighting & fireworks.  

I'm tired thinking of it all!

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