Sunday, November 24, 2013

Annual craft show shopping trips

2 weeks ago was the first of the 2 annual craft shows that I always attend with Mom & both sisters.  The second was today. It's a tradition that we never miss!  In the past, I have taken Miss Angela to her dance convention an hour away, then drive back 45 minutes to go to the craft show & then go back.   This year, I was thrilled to find out that Clawson HS was having theirs a week earlier than usual, so I didn't have to do any juggling & extra driving.  Woohoo!

I think it is safe to say that I'm finally allowing the Christmas Spirit to seep into me.  Altho I still refuse to turn that radio station in the car (but am not offended to hear carols in stores) and I will not begin to decorate until after Thanksgiving. 

I got this bear to put a gift card in for the MIL.  I had originally moved this one to look at a Christmas-ier one behind it, then I looked closer.  The ribbon says "Love".  

I love these stuffed Gingies!  So when I saw this little ornament, 
I had to get it. 
Maddie approves. 

Couldn't pass up the mummy!

Maddie also approves!

These are young adult books, but they seemed interesting.  I bought them from the author himself, who signed them for me. He told me there are 3 more in the works, Odd Ohio, Creepy California & I forgot the other. 

And I always buy a personalized ornament from one certain booth, every year since I first came back to Michigan in 2000.  I keep track of what I have so I don't get too many duplicates. 

And one can never have too many Christmas earrings!

So today was at Eisenhower HS.  It's a pretty big show and there were tons of people.  Makes for some good people-watching!  I can honestly say that I would never be one of those women who drag the old man around with them.  The only guy I saw who actually looked happy was a real Santa!  He was in civilian clothes, tho.  Mom went up and asked him why he was there instead of at the North Pole.  She apparently was entertained talking to him!

 I got the ceramic turkey on the pumpkins & the blue beaded ornament. 

 A Gingy tree & a tree spider.

Have you ever heard about the Legend of the Christmas Spider?

An old European legend tells of a poor elderly woman unable to afford elaborate decorations for her tree. 
The woman decorated her tree as best she could, then she went to bed. A spider that had been watching her decorate came town to get a better look.  As the spider climbed in & out of the branches, she left her webs behind. 
The first rays of sunlight on Christmas morning struck the webs and turned them into beautiful silver threads. When the woman awoke, she found that her tree was covered with shimmering tinsel.
Ever since that day, the spider & tinsel have become symbols of good fortune. 

 A stained glass turkey. 

And because Miss Angela is special - a sweatshirt from Ike HS.  She has this thing where she likes to wear items from schools that she does not attend.  This will be her 3rd non-Utica shirt!

And my absolute favorite purchase of all!  I need to come up with a drag queen name for this deer.  She is so FABULOUS!  Check out those eyelashes!!  So many people stopped & commented or asked about her !  Even Santa commented on her!  "Rudolph!  Why are you here??"  I hugged her and said Rudolph was going home with ME. So Santa said he would stop in to visit on the night of the 24th.  I told him I'd have cookies waiting!

My next favorite purchase this week is from the Salvation Army.  I stopped in to kill some time Wednesday night and saw this awesome nutcracker rocking horse. I didn't get it then, since I waffled about paying $20 for it.  But once I got home, I kept thinking about it & kicking myself for not getting it.  So I went back after work Thursday, I thought if it was still there, it was meant to be mine.  Clearly it was! 
It is in 99.998% pristine condition - there is a tiny little chip in the red paint on the horse's ear. 

I did get a couple smaller nutcrackers at the Sal Army.  One is in such bad shape that the girl ringing me up commented on it.  "You do know he has no arms, rights?"  I'm going to try my hand at doing some restoration & repainting.  And if I screw this one up, I'm only out 50 cents!

I don't know what I'm going to do this Thanksgiving!  The last 4 years we haven't gotten to spend time with the family until mid afternoon on Thursday, due to Miss Angela dancing at the halftime show during the Lions game.  Apparently they got a new production company this year and the contact person only works Tuesdays & Thursdays and did not return calls or emails about extra dancers. Even tho it is very interesting, I'm actually pretty happy that I won't need to drive downtown 3 afternoons in a row (M/T/W) for rehearsals and then to the local mall on Thursday to meet the bus. Angel's OK with not going, too.  Her friend Taylor is pretty bummed, since she was really looking forward to going.  It's her first year with the studio.  

Whew, it's getting late!  Randy left today for Arkansas again.  He just spent last weekend there, but he had flown into Little Rock and did a radio contest at his best friend's house.  This time he's driving to his mom's house to spend Turkey Day with her.  He left around 1 pm and I just got a text from him that he's stopping for the night - finally!  He's inside Arkansas already, but I knew that.  There's a neat thing attached to his mobile radio called ARPS (Amateur Radio Positioning System) that basically tracks him.  I have one on my car, too.  Mine is pretty pointless, but it's nice when he's on long trips since I can see where he is and I know his mom is watching him, too.  Then she knows when to expect him. 

Oh gosh - Maddie is telling me that it's time for bed, so I guess I need to sign off - later!

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