Friday, August 2, 2013

13 in 13 update

Just a little late posting this - ~someone~ (not mentioning the only male in my house) was hogging my computer last night & I was already comfortable in bed when he finished. 

...last week

...last month

...last week's Activelink

I was up a tiny bit at WI last night. I'm still trying to adjust to suddenly having fewer points!

So here's my goals & how I've been doing.....

1. attend weekly WW meetings - check!  It looks like I may be switching back over to Thursday nights.  For the next couple weeks, Angel has acro (tumbling) on Wednesday and there isn't much time to make & eat dinner in that time between my meeting & her class.

2. post eTools progress report weekly - check!  See above.

3. earn at least 35 WW activity points weekly - 3/4  but the 32 from the one week is OK.


5. plan meals weekly - 3/4  I need to do this & go grocery shopping.  I feel like Old Mother Hubbard.  We've been successful in emptying the fridge & cabinets, tho!

6. eat more / new veggies/fruits every week - this week has sucked here.

7. be a better blogger - I've re-designed and re-named 2 of my 3 blogs - this one included.  I feel they both fit me better now.

8. spend at least 15 minutes per day straightening up my house - I could have been better here.  I don't know how people function as Domestic Goddesses when they work late!  But now that Miss Angela is done with summer school, I am back to my regular hours which means getting off work at 3:30 pm.  Yay!

9. make time for ME!! I guess this has been OK.  When I was getting home 5 - 6 pm I'd go sprawl across the bed with the cats and just veg for a while, then go fix dinner.

10. find plans & designs for holiday displays (tomato cage trees / MGC fence / potion book) - I have general idea of what I want to make and I have found the phone # to a place within 1/2 mile of my house that is a wood recycling place and has stacks upon stacks of pallets.  I just need to call them to see if I can have a few.

11. work on RACES certification - I've started re-reading the manual.  I really hate Government-ese!  Things would be so much easier if it was in plain English.


13. wean myself off pop - meh

Rebecca’s July Challenge - love your body
I think I've done well here.  I had to go buy new undies since the ones I had suddenly started driving me nuts.  A couple pairs of them, I could pull the back up to my bra strap!  I also went out and bought a couple tops that are more girly than the basic plain t-shirts I usually wear.  Sparkly stuff!  I've been wanting to wear brighter colors and I noticed that one of my snugger tops actually has wrinkles in it (aka - loose!)  I just feel a whole lot more confident in my body and how it looks. 

For August.....
I'm keeping most of my goals the same, but for #4 (which was blank) I'm adding exercise specifically for my arms & body. I took my measurements & the arm numbers haven't changed in forever.  I want to lose that skin dangle underneath.   
And Rebecca's August Challenge is to get outdoors!  I'm sure, being in Michigan, it'll be easier for me than people who live in hot & humid places.  Not sure what I'll be doing for this yet.   

Just to add a note here - it irritates me beyond words to hear people talk about how fat they are when they're so obviously not.  There are 2 girls at my work (both late 20s / early 30s) talking about going to their doctor and crying in order to get prescription diet pills. Seriously?  They are probably size 2 & 4.  It's disgusting. The one has had many health issues and said she ~OMG~ gained 20 lbs when they removed her thyroid.  Wooo.  She must have been a skeleton before, since she looks OK (thin) now.  Pppft.

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