Monday, July 29, 2013

Friend Makin' Monday - 10 things that make me HAPPY!

A bit late to the game, but ~gasp~ I was actually busy at work today and I had to leave a bit early to get my eyes re-checked - my new contacts aren't letting me focus close up and it really sucks when you have to keep looking between a paper on the desk & the computer monitor! 

Now let’s get to this week’s topic!

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Ten Things That Make Me Happy

This is an easy one, since it doesn't take much to make me happy!  

1. The opportunity to go horseback riding!
me on Captain Slow, Miss Angela on Princess (brown horse) and sister Laurie on Kisses (paint)

2. Babies!

my niece's boyfriend brought this 3 week old kitten over to her grad party. He's bottle feeding her after mama kitty abandoned her.  I think it says a lot of a big guy like Drew taking care of such a tiny kitten! 

3. New underwear!  I've recently noticed how annoying my undies were - because they were too big!  So I got to go buy some new ones. 

4. iTunes - so I can listen to my favorite jams as many times as I want.  Currently listening to classic Def Leppard. 

5.  A ready & willing walking partner. 
And I'm happy that I've managed to get the hubby out walking twice with me recently! I let him choose the route & we've gone about 1.6 miles each time, just by chance. 

6. Driving fast with the windows down and radio cranked. 

7.  The thought of vacation next month. We're driving up the west coast of Michigan, spending my birthday someplace awesome. 

8. Taking Miss Angela and one of her friends to Cedar Point in 2 weeks.  I haven't been there in 24 years! Can't wait to ride some coasters, especially since I know I'll fit in the seats easily. 

9. Only 3 days left of summer school!  Not for me, but for Miss Angela  But I've had to go into work late after dropping her off the past 6 weeks, and most days leave at lunchtime to go get her.  This means making up a lot of time and that SUCKS!  I prefer my 7:30 - 3:30 schedule and can't wait to go back to it. 

10.  These cools days & nights we've been having.  It's so nice sleeping with the windows open!

bonus happy - my new blog name & look!

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