Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy Friday!

Whoo, lot's of stuff to catch up with!

Things are back to normal - YAY!  Miss Angela is done with summer school and I went back to my regular hours at work today- 7:30 - 3:30.  I like the early stuff!  Maybe now I'll feel more motivated to grocery shop / do laundry / clean house / etc.  I don't know how people who work later in the evening function!

She got B's in both her classes, which makes me happy.  She had a class for each semester of US History that she failed.  Why didn't she do that to begin with????  It makes me wonder what the teacher did, since she'd text me during class    O_o   and tell me she was watching Pearl Harbor or 42 or Malcolm X.   But anyway, she's good to go with starting her Junior year next month!

So....classes finally started at the new studio!
Damn those are some awesome pink stripes!  

The only studio I did not paint a drop in! 

Studio C (also with those damn pink stripes on the opposite wall over the mirrors)

I spent many hours there painting.  I did Terina's entire office and well over half the lobby!  Guess that's what happens when you volunteer.    But it looks so nice & homey now.

Here is Miss Special One wearing a not-her-school sweatshirt in the lobby.

There are still a few things that need to be done, but nothing that stops classes from going on.  Hanging pictures, trim, etc.  I saw Terina having a chat with Angel - she said she needs to work on arm control this summer and she's sure to be in level 4 (the top group) in the fall!  HOORAY !!!

Last Friday, Miss Angela went home with my sister Laurie so they could go see the Conjuring.  I have no desire to see it, and Laurie did.  Win!  So when I dropped Angel off, I told Laurie that if she needed a 3rd for riding on Saturday, I was available!

It was a beautiful day - overcast & around 73 degrees and a slight breeze to keep the bugs down. 
 It couldn't have been more perfect!  

How funny is this?  I caught Princess & Kisses both rolling.  
Captain (the gray) apparently didn't feel the need to get any dirtier. 

I finally got my new camera!  I put it on layaway after my old one crapped out.  I picked it up Wednesday and went tonight to try it out.  Of course I plotted a course for 3 cemeteries after work.  One was a tiny, old place.  Very small, but I like it. The other 2 are ginormous.  I spent probably 2 hours walking around one and the other I drove around.  I took about 150 pics.   I'm saving those pics for the Countdown to Halloween posts in October on MGC.

Most of the stones were laying flat.  I wonder who brings the fake flowers in??  These people died in the 1850s!!

Tomorrow I'm going to my first Yankee Candle Boney Bunch Preview Party - I've never been to one and I've heard (from the manager) that it's crazy but fun.  I don't plan on being one of those weirdos who stand in line before the store opens, but I will be there soon after.  I'm not a crazy collector like some people - I get the pieces I think are cute & not every single one!

this is my headless horseman from 2 years ago.  

these are a 2008 re-release this year.  
It's one of the few items online as of this moment.  
Yeah.  I ordered it. 

So this should be interesting.  A decent blog post about the day if nothing else! 

So that's about it.  I hope to be done at the mall fairly quickly so I can make it to my siren test at 1.  And I have a map printed out with some other cemeteries out in that area.  My camera is going to get a workout! 

And I just found out that I'm a great-aunt again tonight!  My niece Ashley had #2 today, a big bouncing baby boy!  Congrats to her & hubby & new big sister!

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